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Bridget Parris

Brooklyn, United States

Senior Studio Thesis Instructor Parson's School of Design

Member since October 10, 2008

  • Modular Housing Show at the MoMa


    In response to pre fabrication, posted by steven landau,
    in the thread Goal & Objective1.0

    Lawrence, Although I did not interpret your concept as modular or snap together, if you are interested in modular building, you should run up to the MoMa and see this exhibition - it is only up until October 20 (Monday) - I saw it a few weeks ago and the New Orleans Home is very interesting.

    Although IKEA may be a good example for shipping, their products are virtually designed and produced to be thrown away, which is a big problem. There is a danger in making products too cheap in that it encourages the customer to think of the object as disposable. If someone pays more for something they place a higher value on it, they keep it longer, and generally treat the product with greater care.

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