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Austell , Ga, United States

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    Light Pollution is misdirected light, stray light, avoidable reflected light, light during hours when it is not needed and light levels more than what is needed for the task. (Unwanted light illuminating an area or property and excessive brightness in the normal field of vision.) Light pollution affects wildlife in undeveloped natural habitat areas and the use and enjoyment of property. It also interferes with astronomy and it wastes energy.

    Some of the sources for light pollution may come from a variety of artificial sources including street lights and neon signs that increases levels of background ambient light. There are some place where we require high levels of light for safety and or security reasons: airports, prisons, bus stations and associated facilities (Marta or CCT), place of that nature.

    So next time you look at the bright, and sparkling skyline where ever you are, and you see that glow. Think light pollution.

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