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Austell , Ga, United States

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  • Moving in our water jugs.

    Environment, Environmental Design


    We have being destroying aquatic animals habitats for many reasons. Some of them are: Logging, agriculture - cash foods (dinning out), fuel, large dams, mining for oil and other things, industry and tourism.

    So what if they stepped in on us, pushing us out the way contaminating us. You know just walk in our house and put there feet on the table and ask us “what are we drinking?” I know we need things that are in and around the water. But at the same time we need to think about the.

  • Recycling Sweet Tooth



    Ice cream a cool treat, but the used containers can also be recycled in a variety of ways. Ice cream containers can be found in many different types of shapes and sizes. The containers are very sturdy and stack well.

    Here are a 2 odd ways my grandmother uses them.

    She put her little nicknacks for her tools and eyeglasses (small screws, nuts and bolts.)

    Cooked foods that you have too much of to put in the deep (especially Thanksgiving) she buys sherbet and after us grand kids eat it she uses plastic containers pulls of the label. So if she makes a big pot of food, she uses them besides they are already made to use in the refrigerator.

  • Wild_turkeytompgc_132_

    Don't pour the Thanksgiving dinner grease down the drain. You can recycle that stuff because it can be turned into biofuel. It also helps with helping reduce incidences of sewer blockages created by grease coagulating in underground lines.

    Its probably sad that I heard about this know. And here’s another question could you use other greases.

  • Is steel, because of the number of manufactured cars. Another reason why is when we reuse or melt the steel down it doesn’t loose much of itself. The one we are all familiar with is aluminum cans and plastic bottles. I also found out its not the most recycled product but aluminum could be one of the most beneficiary to us price wise if we recycled it. Though if you do recycle the aluminum it will help with other areas of printing like markers in the ink cartridges for our field (Or any field that uses ink cartridges).

  • Volcanic eruptions can be extremely damaging to the environment, particularly because of a number of toxic gases possibly present in pyroclastic material. It usually contains mainly of water vapour, but it also contains carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide gas. Other gases typically found in volcanic ashes are hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, carbon monoxide, and volatile metal chlorides.

    Volcanoes that have not erupted for some time are dormant, and volcanoes that have not erupted even in the distant past are called extinct. Volcanic activity and volcanic eruption is usually triggered by alterations of tectonic plates, resulting in landslides or earthquakes.

    Carbon dioxide emitted from volcanoes adds to the natural greenhouse effect. Sulphur dioxides cause environmental problems, because they are converted to sulphuric acid in the stratosphere; the main cause of acid rain. Furthermore, sulphate aerosols are formed, which reflect solar radiation and absorb heat, thereby cooling the earth. Sulphate aerosols also take part in chemical reactions, forming ozone destructive material.

    There are different types of volcanic eruptions:

    • Phreatic: explosion of steam, water, ash and rock as magma meets groundwater or surface water
    • Rhyolite flow: high-silica lava (>68%)
    • Basalt flow: low-silica lava (when the silica content is low, lava usually has a higher magnesium and iron content)
    • Pyroclastic flow: fast-moving hot ash, gas and rock
    • Lahar: mudflow of pyroc...
  • Moon_monster2_177_

    Light Pollution is misdirected light, stray light, avoidable reflected light, light during hours when it is not needed and light levels more than what is needed for the task. (Unwanted light illuminating an area or property and excessive brightness in the normal field of vision.) Light pollution affects wildlife in undeveloped natural habitat areas and the use and enjoyment of property. It also interferes with astronomy and it wastes energy.

    Some of the sources for light pollution may come from a variety of artificial sources including street lights and neon signs that increases levels of background ambient light. There are some place where we require high levels of light for safety and or security reasons: airports, prisons, bus stations and associated facilities (Marta or CCT), place of that nature.

    So next time you look at the bright, and sparkling skyline where ever you are, and you see that glow. Think light pollution.

  • Geothermal Energy


    Geothermal Energy The word defined is – energy generated by heat stored in the earth, or the collection of absorbed heat derived from underground, in the atmosphere and oceans.

    Geothermal Electricity Hot water or steam from below ground can also be used to make electricity in a geothermal power plant. These areas have so much steam and hot water that it can be used to generate electricity. Holes are drilled into the ground and pipes lowered into the hot water, like a drinking straw in a soda. The hot steam or water comes up through these pipes from below ground. A geothermal power plant is like in a regular power plant except that no fuel is burned to heat water into steam. The steam or hot water in a geothermal power plant is heated by the earth. It goes into a special turbine. The turbine blades spin and the shaft from the turbine is connected to a generator to make electricity. The steam then gets cooled off in a cooling tower. So is like a regular power plant, they just gives the environment a little break.

    Some of the closest places are in California, there are 14 areas where we use geothermal energy to make electricity.There are some areas not used yet because the resource is too small, too isolated or the water temperatures are not hot enough to make electricity.

    The main spots are: the Geysers area north of San Francisco, in the northwest corner of the state near Lassen Volcanic National Park, in the Mammoth Lakes area - the site of a huge ancient volcano. The Co...

  • If there is a part in the area, or community you live in that is clean, chances are that it discourages or make people think even more if they want to litter. Have you noticed that some people have this same experience at work if the area is clean the customers won’t even touch it that much. So then I mess the area up, I come back in 20 minutes it looks like world war 3 just broke out.

    I have when to other stores that is connected to mine and asked the store manager if I could try my little experiment there. They said that it would be o.k. I had did the same thing a again but in a different community. Some actually cleaned you what they did one individual actually came to the front of the store and alerted one of the sales floor people. Which I thought was interesting.

    I had when to one more store tried my experiment one more time, and while I’m doing this I have no name badge for this one. A customer had dropped her drink and she stared and the associate I was standing next to. Then she said, “You are the one that will have to pick it up.” she put down what ever she was buying and walked out the store. And all I could say is, “wow?”

    So do you get my story. People tend to litter because they feel no sense of personal ownership. If it was their area or own personal space they would be jumping down your throat, or if they were at somebody's house they would respect it I would guess.

    So Think about it.

  • Unsusable Water

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design

    I know that people are going crazy of the gas problem, which makes the try to find new ways to get around naturally. So I thought why not go the the water powered engine idea. But used the unusable water, salt water.

    Even though two thirds of the earth is made up of water, only 3% of it is available to us. What if we use the salt water to power our car engines with he new fuel cell system. If not Honda's All-New Honda Insight Hybrid will be on sale Spring 2009, Expected Price: Around $18,500 its an almost-production prototype of its new dedicated hybrid car, the 5-door hatchback Insight (V 2.0). The company is also working on a hybrid based on the CRZ and a Jazz/Fit hybrid. "Honda is planning global sales of more than 500,000 units per year with its four hybrids [with 200,000 of those being Insights]. Ether way it goes we need to do something

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