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Justin Smith

Conyers, GA, United States

Member since October 09, 2008

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    Arts & Culture


    Do you think it could be possible to go through one day in the modern world and not come across one item for purchase that has been graphically designed and screen-printed? The fact is it would be highly unlikely to not come across hundreds of items that have been designed and screened. Screen-printing itself is one of the foundations of graphic design, so why then would they not teach such a skill at a design related school? The art of Screen-printing is one of the greatest inventions that man has ever created. Since it’s conception screen-printing has shaped the way we view the world around us, through various substrates that make up our everyday life. Early forms of screen printing made it possible to circulate information faster to people that would otherwise have no idea of the occurrences around the rest of the world. Screen-printing has also played a vital role in the advancement of fine art and graphic design. The art of poster design and certain promotional materials would be lost without the technique of screening. As the art has evolved and been perfected through advancements in human knowledge and modern technology screen-printing has become an important aspect in our everyday lives, whether we acknowledge it or not. So I ask again why do they not teach the skill at an art school that teaches graphic design? I don’t have a clue. It is to my understanding that my school (The Art Institute of Atlanta) used to teach the foundations of screen-printing some time ago but then disbanded the course. What was the reason for this? The main reason for the courses cancellation was the matter of space. The process of screen-printing requires a good amount open space to store the necessities that are involved in the actual printing process. I understand the issue of space because I know how small our campus is anyway, but at any given day you can walk around any floor of the building and find empty locked classrooms but if the buildings layout were changed just slightly could be used to facilitate a small screen-printing workshop. Another reason that screen printing classes were defunct at my school was because administration decided that it was not a vital aspect of the graphic design program, which I would beg to differ, it may be that modern design utilizes screen printing as just another form of printing simply to better accommodate the chosen substrate, but it is the art and actual process of screen printing itself that has shaped the face of graphic design throughout the years and will hopefully never perish, no matter how advanced technology becomes. After talking to some of my peers I found I was not alone in wanting to expand my knowledge of the screen-printing process. This was refreshing to know that the young designers still had respect and an interest in the timeless style of printing. I think the students of this school should speak out and tell the administration that it is time for a screen-printing course to added to the curriculum at our school.

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