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sonam master

atlanta, ga, United States

Member since October 09, 2008

  • Recycling Manifesto


    If you want to contribute something positive to the world all you have to do is recycle. It will leave a powerful impact on the world. Since we could remember we have always been told to recycle. Not only is recycling important to the environment it is also important to us as well. Yet so many Americans don’t it. What is recycling? How will it benefit the world? What are some materials that we could recycle? All of these questions will be answered. So what exactly is recycling? “Recycling is processing used materials in to new merchandise order to prevent waste of future useful merchandise.

    Recycling is beneficial to the environment in many ways in the fact that recycling helps reduce the pollution that is caused by waste. It also reduces the use for raw materials so that it could help save the rainforest. Also helps with the reducing of the energy usage so that we could save our natural resources.

    Recycling would help the human nature by lowering the financial cost. Making merchandise from freshly used materials is more costly than if it was produced from recycled materials. We would also be saving resources for the future.

    Batteries, clothing, any sorts of electronics (such as usb, cd, computers, cell phones) glass, paper, plastic, aluminum, steel. Other materials that could be recycled are textile, timber and as well as tires. Tires are recycled and used in asphalt. All of these things that can be recycled and could be of helpful use to the environment and the community its self.

    We should all try to help the ourselves and the environment we live in by recycle things that we don’t use instead of just throwing things out. We could save the natural preservatives for the future if only we would start caring and start recycling.

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