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Erica Carroll

Norcross, GA, United States

Graphic Design

Member since October 09, 2008

  • I'm a student at the Art Institute of Atlanta. My major is Graphic Design. I had a student come up and asked if he can see some of my work because he is looking for someone (a graphic designer) to do two logos for him. I said sure. About a week later I sent him some of my work. He email be back saying what he need for the logos. Later he called and asked about his logos. Now, Many people (Graphic Designers) told me never do work for free, unless for charity. So I asked him what his budget was on the logos. He said that he needed me to do samples of the logos before anything was set. I said that I can't do that. I explained to him that I can't do the work because if you don't like it, I wasted my time. That's why I sent you samples of my work. Long story short....He basically told me that I was scared and I didn't even like my on work. He said it was the way of the business and he need the samples first. Then he was going to let me know the changes and then pay me. I haven't talked to him since....but I just wanted to know what do I do in a situation like that?

  • I know how to sketch! But I don't know how to draw. What I mean by that is I don't know how to draw well, good, great, etc. Is is important that I know how to draw good, great, etc?

  • Design 101 ???

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    I was always told to do sketches before you get on illustrator, photoshop, in-design, etc. I thought it was a waste of time. Plus I can't draw all that well. (which I will talk about in the next blog) I was told to do more then 30, more then 50. Sometime even more then 100. Even though I didn't like doing the sketches I would do them and then more I did sketches for the projects I would get the easier it would be to do 5 sketches then 10 sketches and before I knew it I was doing about 20 to 50 sketches for projects that I had. I understand now why I need sketches. So Now.....I'm wiser and I do my sketches before I start anything on the computer.

    I wonder does anybody feel the same way as I do about sketches? Do you love them? Do you hate them? Or you don't care, you just do it?

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