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Kathmandu, n/a, Nepal

Designer (Writing)

Member since October 08, 2008

  • A knowledge advantage?

    Communication, Environmental Design



  • Condensation

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    A gathering

  • 'Light paper on fire'

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  • Haze

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  • In Situ

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    Ex Situ

  • A reference

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    in nature

  • Oblique?

    Communication, Communication Design


    A reference

  • Opaque?

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    A reference

  • "Creative Cooking and Healthy Living Tips"

    Well-being, Audio/Visual Design


    Creative Cooking and Healthy Living Tips

    From the Good Housekeeping Magazine


    A Little Goes a Long Way

    Pouring olive oil can quickly get out of hand. To control the amount used, always keep a tablespoon measure attached to the bottle with a rubber band.

    A Little Skewed

    Skewer Tricks: If you want crispy edges and more well-done meat, allow space between chunks of meat on a skewer. Spear onions, mushrooms, whole cherry tomatoes and bell pepper diagonally to prevent splitting. Steaming mushrooms for a few minutes before threading on skewers prevents splitting too

    Add A Touch of Sunshine

    Large pieces of citrus peel lend a touch of magic to the flavor of slow-cooked and smoked food. Try putting it in the cavity of a turkey to be smoked, in the sauce for basting it or in the water pan of the smoker. As a guide, use the zest of two lemons or three limes for one whole turkey.

    Better Butter

    To save time, purchase a butter slicer and keep butter sliced into tablespoons for easy use.

    Eastern Influence

    Add a little Asian influence to your barbecue turkey burgers by adding a dash of soy sauce and topping with chopped green onions.

    Get Rid Of The Goo

    Hate gummy rice? Use a wide saucepan when preparing so that rice stays in a thin layer and cooks evenly. Also, never stir rice as it cooks or cools. This rubs off the starch and makes the grains sticky.

    Juiciness Guaranteed

    Don't guess - use a meat thermometer to gauge doneness and your grilled tu...

  • A nightingale

    Well-being, Audio/Visual Design


    An Ode

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