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The Sirian Peace Warrior

Morwell, Victoria, Australia

UnderGraduate Cultural Anthropology

Member since October 03, 2008

  • Urban Mobility for Children Amputees


    FREEDOM TO MOVE:- I believe there is extensive studies in design regarding the use of SkateBoards, as an 'acceptable' Urban Vehicle; and a great way for young people to move about in the community, without feeling unusual from other kids around them. I was actually forming a model myself. Having built and repaired many skateboards, bikes, scooters, and such. However, my work has been brought up a little short, as I am needing to work around having gone blind, due to Multiple Sclerosis attacking my optic nerves. I have some limitations, but if anyone is interested in helping continuing this with me, I would wecome a response very much. I have always worked with youth in one form or another, and now I do believe, wishing to continue assisting if I can - with Gernany leading the research field, and Industrial Design Manufacture and furthering Research into various vehicles and Prostheses.Even to the extent that the limbs are almost like a real limb. In fact Snap-In Tools, such as discussed, are already 'real' limbs. But the studies continue..

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