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Pete Spencer

Chester, Cheshire, United Kingdom

Designer (Product Design)

Member since October 02, 2008

left school at 16 to become a design draughtsman working in the building services industry. After 10 years had worked up to senior project engineer and ran my own contracting business for 2 years.

At the grand age of 26 years old, I asked myself "is this what you dreamt of doing when you were a kid?"

Within a year I had packed it all in, worked in a ski resort for a season and then travelled a little to OZ, NZ and Hawaii. decided on route that I would return home to the UK and study Industrial design.

Having graduated in 1992 from Manchester Polytechnic, I emerged into the work place to find that manufacture UK had upped sticks and moved to China and India. Employment was hard to come by and instead of waiting for someone to employ me set up a small design company called Mango, based in Manchester.

Since this time I have been involved in a wide variety of new product identification, development, manufacture, sales, building design and construction.

However, We all need to keep a roof over our head, There have been times when I have found myself working for the wrong reasons, e.g. product development work with a major name in bottled gas, to find ways for their customers to increase the volume of gas they could burn. This was not the reason I became a designer.

I have recently read "cradle to cradle" and found myself in complete agreement with it's overall objectives and the belief that the Global market needs a paradigm shift in order to work towards full sustainability. To move away from the consummerist system that is currently in free fall. Who knows, we might be closer than we think to seeing the public changing their expectation and the market guiding business to a more ethical way to operate in the future.

I believe in the power of design. I know from personal experience that every problem can be solved, we just need the will of the market to pay for the solutions.

Full sustainability should not mean that we all have to walk about looking like hippies, eating nuts and living in a tree. I enjoy life and do not want to see peoples expectations and aspirations shrinking back to a pre-industrialised age.

It is our responsibility to ensure that we turn our attention to materials and processes that are sustainable and using our imaginations to create exciting alternatives to todays products and services.

Well, there you go, I'll get off the soap box now. I don't know if any one will bother to read this far but I would like to hear your thoughts.

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