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alejandro piñol

madrid, madrid, Colombia

Designer (architecture)

Member since September 25, 2008

  • architecture, peace and sustainability

    Peace, Environmental Design


    BRIEF: If sustainable buildings con be understood as the resourceful result from the use of local materials, local workforce, economical restrictions, climatic particularities and a projected low maintenance, the Public Library of Villanueva in Colombia can be understood as such.

    PROGRAM: the building is a library with complementary cultural spaces, built with local materials, local people and local ancient techniques and inspirations. The sheltered plaza is an undeniable image of reconciliation and social encounter, also in dialog with the past with a bold minimal language.

    LOCATION: villanueva was a violent hotspot of armed confrontations between the local outlaw military organizations, but now, after a political change in the country and more pro-active cultural investments, projects like these are re-occupying this shattered places, bringing again culture and unification.

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