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Shintaro Monden

Astoria, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

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    In my process of developing illustrations, I am doing two different things. One is designing new illustrations from scratch, the other is revising existing illustrations. My main competition would be those existing illustrations that I believe need to be redesigned. Comparing existing illustrations with new illustrations I am designing should reveal how I am attacking the issue and how my new design is better than old one. The problems with existing illustrations can be grouped into several categories.

    1.Confusing illustration Many illustrations used on the prescription drug warning labels are confusing to patients. This is especially true if the text is difficult to understand. 2.Complicated and Small Text Patients with low health literacy have difficulties to understand complex text. Also, texts in general are too small to read. 3.Random label Color Patients have a tendency to associate illustration colors with warning levels. For example, they usually think that red illustration means danger, yellow illustration means caution, and blue, white and green illustration mean recommendation although all labels are equally important to patients.

    I designed my new illustrations trying to solve all those problems. The followings are the points that I revised.

    1. Confusing illustration → Clear illustration My new design has more visual consistency making it look like a one series of illustration so that people can easily recognize them. Also, as I develop illustrations, I do as many user testings as possible so that illustrations become more universal.

    2. Complicated and Small Text → Easy-to-read Text I don’t use less than 12p font size to the text on my illustrations because it is the smallest size to clearly read. Also I am trying not to use difficult vocabularies that people with limited literacy may not be able to understand.

    3. Random label Color → Color-cording system I give color-coding system to my illustrations according to warning level. Red illustrations mean warning, yellow illustrations mean caution, green illustration mean instruction. This way, people have clearer understanding how each color is supposed to mean and can read illustrations more easily.

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