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Shintaro Monden

Astoria, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Medical communicaton


    Hi Hiro

    As we talked together the other day, It seems that we are adressing the quite similar issue which is a medical field. Also, the Communication between doctors and patients must be a keyword for both of us. You seem to focus on more mental aspects of medical communications while I am attacking communication troubles caused by low English literacy. Although I have narrowed the cause of my issue to "low literacy" which I think is more visible in a way, I have a feeling that my project has to involve a lot of mental aspects as well. Dealing with human feelings are very sensitive but I think it is worth challenging. There doesn't seem to be "one-size -fits-all solution" that perfectlly works to every single patient since everyone is "different". I feel like the key point of your project is how you treat the diversity of patients and turn it into a single product. This is the same of my project too. There are a lot of things we could share in this same area. I am excited to talk about it more with you.


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