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Shintaro Monden

Astoria, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Product Mapping Diagram

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    Sugarcane charcoal

    Formal Criteria (shape, texture, material, color, scale) After sugarcane is pressed to extract the sugar contained within the plant, a large amount of fibrous waste remains. This waste is known as bagasse. Typically, bagasse is burned in the fields. They use a special formula to convert bagasses into charcoal which doesn’t give off harmful gas in the air. With this new fuel people no longer have to worry about being sick from smoke while they are cooking indoor.

    Functional (uses) Alternative fuel to wood charcoal.

    Ethical (fairness and social impact) Wood charcoal produced by logging primeval forest has been used in Haich where the deforestation is a serious social problem. Also many children die of respiratory infections from breathing indoor cooking fumes.

    Cost (who can afford it?) I don’t know exact price but since this product is made out of the material that usually goes to waste, it must be inexpensive.

    Dynamic tower

    Formal Criteria (shape, texture, material, color, scale) Dynamic tower will reach 80 floors, and will be 420m / 1,380ft tall. There are some innovating features that distinguish this building from others. First, the segmented tower design will have a center concrete core and allow each floor to continuously, slowly rotate at different speeds, using voice recognition technology and giving those inside an ever-changing view. Secondly, The twisting design uses photovoltaic cells and wind turbine technology to collect enough energy to power itself. Lastly, This building will also be the first skyscraper to be entirely constructed from prefabricated parts put together in a factory in Southern Italy. This process reduces the construction cost and time.

    Functional (uses) The top 10 floors will be used for luxury villa style apartments, below which a further 35 floors of residential suites, then the 15 floors below will comprise an extravagant hotel and the lowest 20 floors used as retail space and offices.

    Ethical (fairness and social impact) Since many eco-friendly techniques are applied to this building, it is quite fair to say that the design of this building is sound in terms of social impact.

    Cost (who can afford it?) I don’t know the exact price, but given this building is placed in Dubai where the economic is booming, it must be extremely expensive.

    IQ light

    Formal Criteria (shape, texture, material, color, scale) IQ light is a self-assembly lighting system made up of interlocking quadrilaterals. Various shapes and sizes can be constructed by linking together the identical elements in different ways. Material: Translucent white Polycarbonate Plastic.

    Functional (uses) Lampshade

    Ethical (fairness and social impact) When this lampshade is disassembled, it can be fit into a flat-package. That makes it possible to reduce delivery and assembly cost. Also the fact that uses can easily construct and custom the shape of a lampshade without any tools is unique and user-friendly.

    Cost (who can afford it?) Around $30. I think this is reasonable price for this design and quality.


    Formal Criteria (shape, texture, material, color, scale) Ergonomic design perfectly fits uses’ hand and is designed to ease the stress on their hand while using it.

    Functional (uses) This new mouse "Orbit" is specifically designed to ease the stress on user's hand while using a mouse. Instead of dragging around a mouse on the desk you can perform the same task with what they call "track boll" placed on the top of the body. You can move a pointer on the screen by moving the track ball without moving the mouse itself at all.

    Ethical (fairness and social impact) It is so easy to use this mouse. In fact, it only requires a palm or even just one finger to roll the track ball. This product was originally developed for making ordinal use's mouse experience better, but due to its usefulness, many people who have a problem with grip are now using this product as well. According to the company, it is possible to use this product by foot or chin with a little practice.

    Cost (who can afford it?) Around $30. I think the price is reasonable for this design and quality.


    Formal Criteria (shape, texture, material, color, scale) Very compact and modern looking featuring 3.5 inches widescreen touch display with 480 by 320 pixel resolution at 163ppi.

    Functional (uses) Multifunctional cell phone. The product has various features as well as cell phone, such as browsing internet, listening to the music, Taking photos etc,,,

    Ethical (fairness and social impact) The Brand image of Apple computer has made a great impact on consumers. It is now considered one of the coolest brand in the world. Especially the release of i-phone was huge news. People made a long line in front of an electronics shop trying to buy one earlier than others. Apple computer will surely continue to release new items that draw people’s attention and remains as one of the top electronics brands.

    Cost (who can afford it?) $199 for the 8GB model. $299 for the 16GB model. They are constantly trying to make products cheaper as technologies develop.

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