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Leah Waldman

New York, NY, United States

Product Design

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Compassion-5_177_

    A. Inflicting physical and emotional pain on others- and what happens when we go too far..?

    B. I think a lot about human relations and interactions, and how we affect each other, and how we are different from each other. I think about how various characteristics of humans such as self-obsession, fear, and ignorance can lead to us inflicting pain on one another, whether physically or emotionally. And this leads me to think about war, the extreme of this type of human behavior. I think of loss, suffering, separation, exploitation…

    C./D. An existing product that deals with the practical issues of war is food aid packages. This solution addresses the immediate need of a community after a devastating event. The food aid packages are dropped by airplanes in areas that are hunger-ridden. However, this intersection is politically and economically controlled, and is often not successful in reaching the severely needy. It is also a donor-driven system, which may not have development as its primary goal. I want to work towards something more conceptual… A tool for making people aware of the horror of our actions.

    E. Essentially, the issue of war affects everyone. It may first directly affect minorities or the under-privileged or innocent people caught in the middle of a political rift, but eventually everyone is affected- politically, economically… With my thesis idea, I hope to make people aware of how their actions may severely affect others.

    F. I looked at organizatio...

  • Oblivious



    A. While in India a few weeks ago, I was appalled at the lack of awareness people had of their personal environmental impact. When I asked my friends if they recycled, they laughed. I got the sense that people did not see waste disposal and energy consumption as a problem. For such a developed country that is technologically advanced, and has a huge industry that supplies many parts of the world with various goods, it is surprising that people are not aware of how their actions and consumption habits affect the environment. Living in New York, and constantly being bombarded with issues about how we are destroying the planet and how each individual needs to be conscious of their impact on the environment, I have become deeply involved in and personally affected by these issues. I am consumed by these thoughts daily. Knowing that a country with the second largest population in the world is not thinking about how they have an impact on the planet frightens me! I would like to concentrate on this issue for my thesis.

    B. I am shocked that this is even a problem… That individuals in a country that is highly developed and has such a large population, are not aware of their personal environmental impact. I feel that there are a number of possible reasons for this; there is inadequate policy and legislative instruments, there is no funding, the waste disposal system is still under-developed (possibly due to the first problem mentioned), individuals are not educated and are ignorant...

  • Charette_132_

    SOLARI: Access to a sustainable food system at The New School. Sophia Dubrovina worked with the New School, a non-profit group, to address the following problems: -The unhealthy eating habits of students at the New School (possibly because they do not have time). -The lack of access to a sustainable food system at New School. -The lack of environmental awareness.

    Her solution to the problem was to provide access to healthy food (a sustainable food system) on campus on the green roof of 65 5th avenue through a mobile cart. Local farmers that sell their produce in the Union Square Farmer’s Market would supply the food on the cart. This would not only encourage healthier eating habits in the student body, but also allow the students to support organic farming, a sustainable food system that nourishes the earth. Also, the environmentally friendly cart advocates sustainable practices at the New School.

    Although addressing a very real, and big problem not only for the student body but also in the world, we found some weaknesses in the design. There were many questions which our group had, that we felt were not answered, or clearly addressed in the design. -Where is the electric source for the juicer? -Where does the water to wash the produce come from? -What is the size of the cart? Can it accommodate the student body? -Who is the vendor? Does this provide student work-study? -Unclear whether the produce being sold is free or not. If so, is the school paying for it? Who is ...

  • clarification!


    The pictures are a bit small, so I wasn't sure if anyone can tell what they are...

    1. bag made from plastic bags
    2. food aid packaging
    3. cardboard chair by frank gehry
  • Blog_pics_2_132_

    I spend most of my time in school.

    1 Vision for change: to create a sense of community.

    Benefits: inspiration, networking, assisting one another with projects/work. How to do this: encourage and promote more shows/exhibitions, online hub where students can communicate, more integration of departments.


    1 Vision for change: reduce plastic bag use.

    Benefits: cleaner/healthier neighborhood (environment), reduce waste. How to do this: implement a system in stores that will reduce plastic bag use- by advertising and promoting cloth, and other types of reusable bags.


    1 Vision for change: end corruption (lack of loyalty and citizenship).

    Benefits: reduce poverty, more even spread of wealth and power, access to education, order and efficiency. How to do this: education, enforce laws and rules, help create more of a sense of community.


    1 Vision for change: green/sustainability.

    Benefits: more holistic and natural lifestyle, minimal to no toxins, preserve the planet, healthier environment. How to do this: educate, research, take risks.

    1 Vision for change I want to work on: SOCIAL JUSTICE.

    I will vote in the 2008 Presidential Election. I am mixed race- Indian (South Asia)/American (Jewish).

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