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Leah Waldman

New York, NY, United States

Product Design

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Mid-Review Summary

    Arts & Culture

    • Justify the use of bone- reducing waste of the animal, as all parts are being used.

    • Pricing- is $100 feasible?

    • Clearly identify which artisan group I am working with (where they are located)- maybe different artisan groups can collaborate.

    • Clearly show how the organization that will provide solar lighting to the artisans fits into the system.

    • Provide a tag on the product that perhaps leads to a website that will give the user more information about the artisans and where the product is coming from.

    • Make a diagram of other industries (metal, glass, resin, etc) that are close in vicinity to the artisans in order to justify the reasoning for using another material.

    • What is keeping the artisans impoverished? How can I give them control and empower them? Perhaps provide them with internet access so that they can connect with the buyers?

    • How to make a 'model' so that the product can be easily mass produced?

    • How will this be shipped? Maybe flat packed and then the user assembles it?

    • Will the heat from the light bulb melt the glue?

    • What do the artisans want to make? How can I further involve them in the process?

    • Design a jig to cut the bones?

    • Find a faster and sturdier way to attach the pieces.

    • Prove that I am providing an increase in their income.

  • Great summary. I look forward to seeing how you have responded to these points.

    Leverage your collaboration as part of your presentation – diagram your role and how your efforts relate to/stem from/further the objectives of your collaborators. Define and communicate your input into the process.

    The products are looking good. The organization of the presentation on the board should read more like your design thinking (bone→ product rather than product → bone as it is now).

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