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Lee Winfield

New York, NY, United States

Product Design

Member since September 08, 2008

  • User Testing and NFP Relationship Update

    Well-being, Industrial Design

    Since the community I am targeting in my thesis project is on the coast of the Indian Ocean, I decided to take an unconventional user testing approach: I plan on testing the hand washing station on children locally in NYC, video tape the process and send footage to teachers, educators and activists in Africa as well as local NFPs.

    I contacted Christopher Kennedy, Solar 1's Education Coordinator who seems keen to help me by letting the children who come to their facility test the product. They have children in the appropriate ages coming in and out of their facility daily so this can be a great solution. The aspect that I plan on testing initially would be the disposal of an accurately measured amount of water and flow control (50ml per child over 20 seconds). I will record the children's interaction with the unit and their reactions and responses.

    I am currently working with several NFPs who help me retrieve information about the communities I am targeting. I believe that It is important for the success of the project that I keep working with several organizations simultaneously due to the physical distance from the schools targeted. It is also always good to have several point of views on a situation. As well as that, they are all very busy people with, at times, limited access to emails, so this becomes more efficient.

    1. NFP: Charity Water Contact: Becky Straw Location: NYC Working around the world to bring clean water to developing nations. I am using a case study o...

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    A short review of my notes from Monday's Thesis review:

    1.Many people said it was a great but then asked 'what are you DESIGNING?' my answer was that I am designing the system and will focus on making it adapt to different schools of different sizes, also focusing on the interaction of the children as they wash their hands- the playful aspect. I also said that my goal is to solve this particular problem as best i can and i am not going to ignore a great possible solution if it doesnt seem like a 'product'

    1. Another inquiry was whether such a large scale operation was necessary.. (as in the amount of space the system will need) its a good point but I want the children to feel that they are doing it together. there is, however no reason why it cant be more linear.

    2. Patty Beirne's advise was very helpful. She was afraid that I am so excited about the whole picture that I wont have time to concentrate on every detail. In essence, she told me to prioritize. Maybe a class builds their own 'station', or use existing gardening components. This is something that I am concerned about- will I be able to overlook every detail? the controlled flow of water on the plants, the game between children, the container holding the water, making it adapt so that schools of various sizes will be able to add more stations to the base container. and what about breakage? materials.. sourcing. and- what will I be presenting in the end?

    3. A friend asked me about the incentive for the children to wash the...

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    document I put together with information from the Aspen Design website supporting my thesis issues

  • Safi


    I changed my project's name to 'Safi' which means clean, pure, sanitary, fresh, genuine, honest & true in Swahili

    Swahili is the first language of the Swahili people (Waswahili), who inhabit several large stretches of the Indian Ocean coastline from Kenya to northern Mozambique. Although only 5-10 million people speak it as their native language, Swahili is a lingua franca of much of East Africa and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is a national or official language of four nations, and is the only language of African origin among the official working languages of the African Union.

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    An analysis of my stakeholders' needs

    This shows that the children and the school personnel are my most important stakeholders, who are responsible for most of the needs: hand washing, hygiene, health and safety.

    I learned that most important for the NFP, or the provisor of the system would be to have a low cost, self reliant system.

    The family and local community would have similar needs to the children's (health, education etc) however wouldnt be directly effected by the 'fun factor' or the 'quick rotation of children'. It could be argued that this is not true, because if the kids have fun washing their hands and do it more regularly the parents will benefit greatly.

    Feel free to critique and add needs/ stakeholders

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    More designs for hand washing

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