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Lee Winfield

New York, NY, United States

Product Design

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Human factors in Safi

    Education, Industrial Design


    Target ages: 6-13

    Average height of a 6 year old child: 108cm Average height of a 13 year old child: 147cm (girls are taller)

    ** Notice that these heights are an international mean and not necessarily indicators of heights of children in Kenya.

    In terms of height of the water dispenser, there are two options. One would be to have a set height; This would be 77cm as it is the height of a 6 year old with his hands at chest level and a 14 year old with hands at waist level. Another option would be to have the younger kids stand on a stool.

    a 14 year old in on average 38cm wide. (Even thought I will use this figure, I assume the African mean is smaller than the world mean)

    Counting on 14 cm between children on each side: 38+14= 52 52*4 units = 208 cm This is only if standing in a straight line. A circular arrangement, for example, could have a 30 cm diameter.

    I also decided to try to use existing pipings made for pluming mainly to reduce costs further.

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