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Lee Winfield

New York, NY, United States

Product Design

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Lee's Global Water Crisis and Drought Bibliography

    Poverty, Industrial Design



    Bornstein, David. How to Change the World. New York, NY: Oxford UP, 2007.

    Eichenseher, Tasha. ""Water Mafias" Put Stranglehold on Public Water Supply." National Geographic 21 Aug. 2008.

    Flow: For the Love of Water. Dir. Irena Salina. 2008.

    Gertner, Jon. "The Future Is Drying Up." The New York Times Magazine 21 Oct. 2007.

    Mau, Bruce, and Institute Without Boundaries. Massive Change. Phaidon P, 2004.

    Montaigne, Fen. "Water Pressure." National Geographic Magazine Sept. 2002.

    Smith, Russell. "Africa's Potential Water Wars." BBC News. 23 Sept. 2008 <>.

    "" World Water Wars. 25 Sept. 2008 <>.

    I went to the Angelica yesterday to watch the documentary 'Flow' that just came out 2 weeks ago. ( The movie concentrated on the control three large corporations have on the global water supply and showed the impact of drought on regions like India and Africa.

    Water is said to be the greatest threat of our time, and I have spent the last week reading as much as i could about this very wide and diverse topic.

    Above are the articles and books that helped me gather most of the information scattered at my brain this very moment.

    Other books like 'how to change the world' and 'massive change' had a huge impact on the way i see the world and face humanitarian issues, and so i thought it makes sense to include them in my bibliography.

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