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Brian Lin

Astoria, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Mid-Semester Review


    The overall feedback from the review was good last night.

    Most of the critics had comments about the form of my prototype as well as the life-span of the filter. Some mentioned that perhaps using a lighter color material would help send a message or make a statement since over time as the filter on the mask is used, there would be a dark spot that develops which would show how bad the atmosphere is that they're breathing in. Also, to add to the idea of making a statement, perhaps adding a bright color on the shoulders or an accent color in some other way to sort of create a uniform.

    There were also suggestions on the glove aspect of my product. One critic suggested considering the rubbers that are heat-shrunk over electrical wire and possibly using that idea in the gloves so they would be more form fitting for tactile ability.

    Also consideration of the life-span of the filter used in the mask. How the user would be able to know when to change it, etc.

    Comments on the distribution of my product as well as creating an awareness were made; some one mentioned using a system similar to those of breast cancer donations that you find at Target and other stores when they ask if you'd like to make a contribution. But in the case of my product, perhaps they could receive something for the contribution that would let them know about the situation happening in Guiyu; ie: the photos of destroyed lungs that sometimes come with packs of cigarettes.

    Overall, I have some more consideration to do on the final form as well as the distribution of my product. I have a phone conversation scheduled with my NFP this week. Depending on how far we get into it, I plan on discussing distribution and possible manufacturing with them to see if they would be interested or have any ideas.

  • Brian, Great summary. I look forward to hearing where this has gone over break. I didn't see evidence of testing on your boards at the review - how is the testing going and have you been able to set up learning opportunities for yourself with parallel user groups?

    I think you might consider the context of how and why this product is introduced. If the distribution of this product to the population it serves seems like a long shot, consider making it part of an awareness event - where you distribute them onsite to users and photograph them in use to illustrate the danger - make the product really communicate the need for protection from these elements. Then you (or an NFP) could use the imagery as a campaign to protect people against the hazards of ewaste.

    There is something unresolved about your product in that it is not yet defined as a practical product with a clear strategy for implementation nor is it defined as a critical commentary. There are ways to have it walk the line, but the implementation either way must be planned. We should talk about this this week!

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