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Brian Lin

Astoria, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

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  • Hi Brian. From what I can see I think you are very focused on Unethical Electronic Waste Disposal. Although I am focusing on Unethical Medical Waste Disposal, I think our topics have a lot of themes in common. I keep asking myself, "How can I even begin to tackle a problem this large?" The life-cycle of the material is enormous with many many important causes and effects. I wonder if you've been thinking the same thing. Lately I decided to narrow in and focus on the waste that is generated only in the home. I don't know where my focus is going to take me but it has really sparked a passion in me. If I can give any advice, it would probably help to do the same. Just think its still early, as long as we understand the entire process, maybe we could decide to focus in on some other area contained within our topic. I think the both of us will face some of the same issues when it comes to making decisions. I am glad to see you are interested in the waste issue. Check out the "Story of Stuff" video I posted onto the blog, I think it deals A LOT with your topic. I'm excited to see your thesis move forward because the issue of e-waste is such a huge problem.

    Also, the other day I went to Verizon because my batter wasn't working and the salesperson told me that I can either buy a new battery for 60 dollars or just get a new phone free with a rebate. Ridiculous isn't it? The salesman couldn't understand why I refused to throw my phone away. Even with a take-back program, its not enough.

    Good Luck.

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