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Brian Lin

Astoria, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

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    Brian, are you imagining producing a product which would be used by students in Tibet, or more about the political struggle here and elsewhere? and what about E-waste in asia interests you? I know that in India, they recycle everything. they have guys on the street whose job it is to refill disposable lighters. Maybe you should make something that guy would like to use... Steven

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    in the thread Possible NFPs

    For the Tibet issue, I was initially thinking about designing some sort of product that would be targeted more towards children and or/students that would somehow teach them about their Tibetan culture or the history of Tibet since during this time they are very unaware of what's going on. One reason being that the parents are reluctant to tell them much about it regarding the fact that knowing too much can be dangerous for them. Also, because of the whole "re-education" that the Chinese are implementing in their schools now making Tibetan language a secondary language and Chinese the primary. Also, because of the fact that the Tibetan nation has such a developed culture, with their own language, own economy, and religious views, as well as how their day to day living reflects so much of their religious beliefs. I wanted to produce something that would some how keep this culture or at least idea of it alive in the younger generation since as the newer generations come, it will possibly be slowly lost in history.

    As for the e-waste in India and China, I'm focusing on the fact that our nation's idea of "recycling" translates to simply sending it to these countries for them to deal with. The towns in China that receive all of our e-waste are responsible for taking the computers and electronics apart to salvage the valuable metals that are contained in them, but in doing so they are being exposed to so many toxins and toxic chemicals which is in turn affecting mothers, pregnant women, and children alike. The population in these towns have to import water from other towns because the waste is so much that it's made their water undrinkable; clean water is a resource that should be available to all peoples of the world. I'm not sure exactly what kind of product I would want to design, but I'm focusing in on the fact that because these towns economies are based on this e-waste stuff that it's not something that you can just take away from them because it's their economy and what their economy is based off of. Their government also has no sort of regulation of how to go about getting these metals from the computers and the workers also do not have any sort of protective wear to prevent being exposed. I think that's where I want to focus is if I can't change the entire system of e-waste recycling programs or the economy of these cities, maybe to focus in more on how to make the environment or conditions that they are working in better through a product.

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