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Brian Lin

Astoria, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

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    I would say I spend most of my time in Manhattan each day. After imagining it the most I want it to be, the number one vision for change that will make it that way is being able to provide the homeless with homes or shelters. If it were to happen, city streets would be a bit cleaner, there wouldn't be the constant scent of urine lingering in the air, and pedestrians wouldn't be constantly harassed or pestered. To make this a reality, I could participate in a group that could brainstorm on systems or shelters that would provide what they need to at least prevent them from inhabiting the streets. It would have to be something that doesn't require a lot of money and wouldn't interfere with the environment that it is situated in.

    Imagining my neighborhood the way I most want it to be, the number one vision for change would be providing jobs for people, specifically immigrants, or at least educating them on how to obtain a job. People and the local economy would benefit from this change because they wouldn't be crowding on the streets every morning during the week waiting for a job to come to them. A community center type program could be arranged that would make them aware of what's available for them out there and what they could possibly do for a job.

    As for my country, imagining it the way I would most want it to be, the number one vision for change would be for the people of the United States to act more responsibly in all that they do in their day to day life. In the end, I imagine that the environment would be in a better situation; it would be more prosperous and in turn, would make people's lives healthier and improved to a certain extent. What could be done comes down to the basic issue of nationwide and universal awareness compared to anything else. There can be types of individual products that create a sense of awareness or are designed and produced consciously like there are today, but there still needs to be a nationwide awareness that results in nationwide action.

    Imagining the world the way I most want it to be means that nations would help each other to end the widespread poverty that exists in many nations today. It would mean sharing each others' resources whether it be monetary or not. As a result, countries and nations will have the opportunity to improve their well being and bring their nation up in a financial, economic, and progressive way. A possibility that would make this vision a reality is to create products that could be targeted to be produced in certain nations in a way that takes advantages of their local resources. This would not only provide new skills to the community, but it would also bring them up a rung on the economic resulting in them being one step closer to pulling themselves out of complete poverty.

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