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Brian Lin

Astoria, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

I’m Brian Lin, a Taiwanese American that regrets the fact that he didn’t stay in Chinese school when he was younger. I can speak mandarin pretty well for being born in America, and can manage to get my way through a basic conversation. I was born and raised in the south: Houston, Texas. I hate it there.

I was always the creative one in the family as a young one. My sister bought me a RoseArt art easel for my birthday once, I had tubs and tubs of Legos that I never stopped playing with, and drawing was my favorite past time. Eventually in high school I decided I wanted to do something in the creative field for my career. I went from graphic design to thinking architecture, finally deciding on doing product design, which, to an extent, involves both of the previous mentioned.

Many, many pencil renderings later, I arrived and have loved every moment of the Parsons education thus far. Okay, well, perhaps not EVERY moment, but the majority of it, in the long run, at least. In the past three years here I’ve fine-tuned, improved, and even learned many new skills including my sketching, rendering, computer rendering, model-making, and speaking in front of larger crowds. However, one of the most important skills that I need improvement on is research. It’s not that I don’t know how to research or where to go for research and information; it’s more that when it comes down to it, I don’t feel motivated. Knowing that research is a very, very, VERY large component of thesis year, I’ll definitely have to kick it up a notch… or five.

Before even really starting school at Parsons, I always thought, “Oh product design is going to be so much fun, I’m going to get to make things pretty and attractive and people will buy them!” Obviously it goes deeper than that. It seems that the new saying today is “China’s the next biggest thing.” Over the years, I’ve learned about many issues that involved China. The whole American computer recycling program, which basically translates to “we’ll take your computer off your hands and ship it to a small town in China so they can pick it apart and get chemical poisoning for our own convenience so we don’t have to worry about it.” Plus, there’s the whole issue between Tibet and China that basically boils down to the big bully picking on the small geeky kid in high school that has no defense. The latter was never an issue that I was aware of until I started talking a lot to my coworker who’s originally from Tibet. Then walking down the street just the other day, I saw a group of students all wearing the same black shirt with orange text saying, “Free Tibet.” It’s an awful thing when children of a particular country can’t learn their own language and culture freely. Oppression is a trend that parts of the world still haven’t phased out of yet.

Form makes me function.

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