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oz etzioni

new york, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • (12/1) End of 1st term Thesis Project Presentation

    Environment, Industrial Design


    This summary is based on comments, remarks and advices from people I presented the HeboPark project to on December 1st 2008. The summary is totally objective and not filtered, all remarks are mentioned and divided into 3 main issues that deal with different approaches to the HebpPark project. Each issue has sub-issues that clarify and zoom–in on important focal points.

    The three main issues are:

    1.The Park itself-

    -The facilities / equipment of HeboPark

    -Energy Harvesting

    2.The Users-

    -Energy Park conception by the users

    -Readouts visualization and feedbacks (Relationship between users & park)

    3.Case studies and relevant inspiring designs

    The Park itself:

    The facilities/ equipment-

    1.Electrical outlets spread along the park, combined with portable equipment, give the ability to move facilities and equipment within the park physical territory. (Portability provides alternatives and the continuation of activities (in case when events, concerts, etc., that take place in the park and equipment needs to be moved).

    2.Complete product – integration between equipment and energy mechanisms. Design and create a product that combines both and not types of add-ons or different design languages that come together to perform the required workload.

    3.Think of optional ways to distribute any ‘extra’ electricity outside of park physical area or electrical demands. (Ex: electricity grid, city infrastructure – streetlights, street lamps, etc.)

    4.Drinking water fountains, actuated by HeboPark’s electricity, near children playgrounds (generate energy and then go and drink off that energy)

    Energy Harvesting-

    5.Use of ‘magnet generators’ – lowering the friction on users’ effort to activate the equipment.

    6.Bicycle-sharing system – personal batteries, personal equipment charging (cell phones, iPods)

    The Users:

    Energy Park conception by the users –

    1.Personal facilities / team work facilities, personal facilities that combine efforts into a ‘team effort’.

    2.Educational aspects – action-reaction, physics, electricity capabilities of human power, different mechanisms to generate power (mostly for children but also adults).

    3.Keep kids off the street and using their ‘urban street activities’ to generate power (skateboard ramps) – what else is possible? How do you make sure they don’t feel being ‘good’ by contributing to society, in the rebellion period of their life?

    Readouts visualization and feedbacks (Relationship between users & park)-

    1.Ways to indicate individual effort – lights (LEDs) on the equipment itself to create attraction (merry go round – also contributes to ‘safety’ issues on parents side), name & numbers on scoreboard, etc.

    2.Energy ‘halo’ (light) around the user – the more energy invested using the equipment – the bigger (maybe colors…) the ‘halo’ gets. This allows other park users to see, compare between users efforts and for the individuals to be driven for more effort in their workout / activity.

    3.Sensual feedback – vibrating seats, lights running around/on the equipment itself in linear relation to user’s effort, Music (changing volume), color (equipment color changes due to effort), heartbeat – the more effort invested-the higher pace of heartbeats -> equipment display heartbeats by light / texture / vibration.

    4.Show electricity flow above ground. Make all infrastructures ‘visible’ but still ‘designed’ (cables, batteries, etc.)

    Case studies and relevant inspiring designs:

    • ‘Freeplay’ (Dynamo engines)
    • Jonah Warren (energy installation, electrical feedbacks)
    • ‘Diller Scofidio &Renfro’ – Human powered house
    • Science parks around the world (NYC Hall of science)
    • What is the future directions in parks in major cities in the world (Paris, Barcelona,Etc.)
    • 'Zero Point Energy’ – John Hudchtson
    • ‘Orchid’ – Secret lives of plants – anticipation and manipulating users actions.

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