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oz etzioni

new york, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • NFP Meeting (Thursday 11/6)

    Environment, Industrial Design


    On Friday 11/6 I met with Mahanth Joishy (Deputy Director of Operations - City of New York, Parks & Recreation at "The Arsenal", Central Park). I presented my project's concept, its pros (and few cons) and several study cases in order to assure the project's feasibility. We discussed the many possibilities and direction this project can lead to and a way to collaborate and to examine prototypes with the park guards, that use bicycles mostly along the parks on the west side (Hudson river park, etc.) in order to cover the whole territory. Next step will be exchanging relevant data & info, and trying out first prototype in order to receive feedback from inner circle crew (park guards) who uses bicycles in the parks everyday.

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