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oz etzioni

new york, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • IT'S BACK....

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    Show me one person who never suffered from back aches....well they will!! Most of us suffer, even without knowing it, from a certain back disorder. The pressure we live in, the weight we carry, physically and emotionally, and the postures we stand in, sit, drive and walk every moment of our lives is basically wrong and causing an accumulation of pressure on our different back parts, mostly on the spine and the nerve system which is embedded in it. The more "comfort" we feel, as time goes by into the 21st century, the less exercise and sports we are doing and the more time we spend in front of the computer (each year the average age of users is going down) or in our cars, etc.
    I see an opportunity with the development of smart materials that can react to certain parameters (pressure, temperature, impact,etc.), and with the forming routine of working people in the present though the near future, an opportunity to help and facilitate the damage, already caused, and to prevent further damage.
    ergonomic studies are also related to the subject. "Hollandia", the mattresses company is using high-tech materials and techniques to help us maintain a healthier posture while we sleep, by a certain interaction between user and object (visco-elastic polymers and different kinds of memory polyurethane foams). I feel that most of the products in the market are too "general audience oriented", they apply to all users. I feel that some areas and niches require more attention because where pain and damage builds up slowly throughout the years - it is harder to locate and prevent it whilst where pain is immediate it is obvious. i researched professions that are building up pressure in their life-time careers, such as: truck drivers, jet pilots, handicap people on wheel chairs, etc. Each of them need specific attention to specific needs, and maybe even an oriented "private design" to suit also singular unit and not always a group.

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