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oz etzioni

new york, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

Me / Oz Etzioni

I’m breathing since May 4th 1976. The neon lights of the “Shiba” hospital in Tel Aviv, Israel were the first thing to hit my amazed eyes, after almost 9 months of a wet, calm and isolated journey. While “big brother” wasn’t watching, I survived the prophecy of 1984 in second grade. And by the “international year of the family” (according to the United Nations) - 1994, I graduated high school and had a wide range of activities and hobbies in my “childhood résumé”, such as: Playing professional league basketball and captain of the high school seniors basketball team, building radio-controlled airplane models, practicing Karate, Ninjitsu and Kung fu for several years, watching every possible (and sometimes unbearable…) movie. And finally I was, am and probably will be forever a video-games addict. When I had to join the army at the age of 18, I was chosen for the Israeli Air Force. I have served the Air force by flying 10 different type of aircrafts (mainly jets and cargo), fulfilling many interesting jobs along the way, such as head instructor and coordinator of squadrons’ practices and twice as squadron commander deputy.
The Air Force gave me an opportunity to get involve with high-end technology, the satisfaction and achievements along the difficulties in command and teamwork, and a great plus to the job was traveling the world on humanitarian missions to Asia, Africa and South America. In order to shape the material I am made of and discover a little bit more about myself, I took a year off and traveled Central and South America by foot. It is one of the greatest gifts a human being can give himself, as I see it. During this trip I fell in love with the Spanish language. So the future from that point was quite obvious – keep chasing my old Industrial design studies dream, only now – in Spanish. I got accepted to “Elisava”, a design school in Barcelona, Spain, where I studied the first 2 years. These were very educating years for me in both perspectives of design and cultural experience. The lack of facilities and relation to the industry of my first design school made me transfer to Parsons, New York in order to complete my design goal. If I had to draw myself it would have to be using the abstract methods. I feel as if many sides of me are mature enough and aim to proceed forward, while other sides are childhood strings that help me break the serious perception of my surroundings and reality. I have strong confidence in myself and my ideas. I love to work with people but yet I work alone much better. I have an urge to be in charge of things and less to be told what to do, but on the other hand, I enjoy learning from other people, observing and following their ideas if I find them to be interesting. I see myself as a very practical man, sometimes even too practical. Meaning that I can, during that race for achievements, skip over details, thoughts and clues I should have looked for a long the process. I try to avoid these mishaps by structuring my game-plan and always plan my steps ahead. The everyday problems that people get use to and start taking for granted, if it’s environmental, or even their own physical problems, are what intrigue me as a designer. To design where people think there is nothing more to design, and don’t realize the meaning and change that design can bring.

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