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shinwoo Her

NewYork, NY, United States

product design

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Survey result - Missing Children

    Communication, Industrial Design

    Survey Result Image

    After the survey, I realized that many people would not allow an implant product because they worry about their children's health. Besides, many people want a simple product for preventing missing children, not a complicated product.

  • Feet_177_

    shinwoo There are many people who would be happy to surgically implant a small device in their child if they thought it would work. People already do this with their pets, and many women have birth control drugs implanted. but, as product designers, it would not be that interesting to make something that went inside the body, because that sounds more like a medical device or a very high tech microscopic thing....I think you should be focusing on more tangible objects or devices that kids would wear, maybe? Take a look at this product, which is intended to prevent newborn infants getting switched at the hospital... steven

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