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shinwoo Her

NewYork, NY, United States

product design

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Final issue for my thesis project, Missing Children

    Communication, Industrial Design


    Missing children

    Nearly 800,000 children are reported missing each year, for a variety of reasons: some children run away, others may become lost or injured, and still others are abducted. Most child abductions—more than 200,000 annually—are committed by family members, abductions, totaling 58,200 annually in the United States, nearly all 98% of these children are returned to their family safely. Only a small percentage are those every overnight, held for ransom, or killed. Many family members who lost their children are infatuated with looking for them instead of taking care of their lives. Sometimes, they quit their jobs to go to the street for looking for their children, they distribute leaflets to passers-by, or they spend a lot of money to advertise for their missing children. Therefore, their economy is getting worse and their home becomes corrupted. In addition, other children, who are not looked after by their parents, become crooked Therefore, missing children issue is not only a problem for a home, but also a big problem in our society.

    Existing products for addressing this problem by product design: A device that has GPS system helps parents release from anxiety.

    I think this issue affects most family who have children or family who have missing children.

    My next step is researching and understanding about children’s behaviors and thought.

  • Rockefeller-1

    shin woo, You did an excellent job of framing the problem, presenting to someone with relatively little knowledge about the extents of the problem (me) with just the right amount of information to make me really curious about what you have in mind to work on for your thesis project. I think this is a fascinating problem, and I think that you almost have to think very psychologically. As you say, the experience of losing a child in this way is extremely traumatic, and the people that do it must also be in some pretty strange psychological condition...Did you read about this guy who implied that he was a Rockefeller, and he kidnapped his child and then it turned out he isn't a Rockefeller and he's wanted for murder...

    I wonder how getting into the heads of people who are going through something like this could be useful in developing a product to prevent it or at least help find kids when they get taken.

    What's next, Shin woo? the ball is in your court.

  • I I don't know yet about which direction I will go ahead: children become lost, children get kidnapped. My instructor, Len, said that I should not touch the police area because it is so complicated to solve those kinds of cases. What do you think? I need advices.

  • Geofence-zones_177_

    Now that you have identified a topic that you feel passionate about, and you have became familiar with the literature surrounding lost children, you need to focus your interest sufficiently to see where your inquiry takes you. What product or products would be of value to people struggling to deal with this tragic problem? This could be a tool for law enforcement, or it could be something used in the medical or psychiatric context. I would think that the most direct thing to do would be to develop a novel and effective way to prevent kids from getting lost or taken. This might a thing that you give to kids so that, in case they do get snatched, they have the ability to operate something that would indicate their position to parents or the police.

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