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shinwoo Her

NewYork, NY, United States

product design

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Suffer from Hurricane

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Identify a possible issue/problem areas for your thesis project that you have passion for?


    When summer season comes, people in particular locations get afraid of a disaster, called hurricane. In every year, many hurricanes occur in the world and many people are dying or suffering because of it. Some of the people are miserable because they lost their property such as houses, cars, or money. The others are desperate because they lost their families. Year by year, the damage from hurricane is getting increased and there are so many hurricane sufferers on earth. Moreover, according to the article, ‘Hurricane Katrina Increased Mental And Physical Health Problems In New Orleans By Up To Three Times’ they are suffering from poor mental and physical health. I think hurricanes that come every year are one of the biggest problems for human.

    I desire to design a non-profit product that stimulates people to donate some money to hurricane sufferers.

    my issue is the most affected to hurricane sufferers who lost their precious things. They can build their house or get medical care by it.

    I am going to interview with people who have an experience about hurricane, doctors, and community members about hurricane.

    My next step is research more about hurricane and contact with those people who suffered from it.

  • shinwoo,

    Do you believe that the weather has been very bad lately because of climate change? If so, what is you prediction about the future? What will the world be like in five years? That's really the question you should always ask when starting a new design project, because that's how long it will take to bring your product through then entire cycle of design, manufacturing and distribution. If you think that hurricanes are going to get more severe in the near future, you should begin imagining how your product can help people confront this scary situation. steven

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