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shinwoo Her

NewYork, NY, United States

product design

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Rescue smokers

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    Identify possible issue/problem areas for your thesis project that you have passion for: ---Smoking

    What’s the context/understanding you have about the issue/problem?

    ---Since cigarette was invented, the popularity of smoking has increased. Many youth, man, woman, or even pregnant woman smoke, and it is able to cause adults disease, lung cancer, harmless of growing, or malformation of the embryo. Moreover, there are so many people in the world who are suffering from second-hand smoke such as children who have smokers in their families. Second-hand smoke is poisonous and has over 4000 chemicals, including 50 that can cause cancer. Breathing second-hand smoke can be more dangerous than inhaling smoke through a cigarette. It has twice as much nicotine and tar as the smoke that people smoking inhale and five times more carbon monoxide, a deadly gas that starves human body of oxygen. Therefore, smoking problem is one of the biggest issues in the world.

    A few months ago, one of my friends told me that he didn’t know where he could find a reason that he must stop smoking. He is a heavy smoker and has been smoking for 10 years but he hasn’t even tried to quit smoking because he doesn’t know why it’s harmful. Of course he knew that it is harmful and many people are dying because of smoking. However, he doesn’t think it will be his story because he has never seen it.

    Identify initial ideas or existing products for addressing this problem by product design. ---Design a product that can give serious awareness of smoking to smokers.

    Identify who is most affected by your issues. How they will benefit from your thesis idea? ---Every smoker

    Who do you want to interview or collaborate with from those who are affected by the issue your project addresses (NFP, community members, individuals)? ---Many heavy smokers, pregnant woman, doctor, or quit smoking center.

    What’s your next step? ---Research about smoking as how harmful smoking is, how many smokers are in the world, and so on.

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