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Samuel Vider

New York City, New York, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

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    DESIGN: Design criticisms-Include a washer by joint, wider for less flex ,

    Magnets, drill, connections for the end Don't use screws, needs to be a quick setup, maybe like pins? Look at scaffolding!

    Material!!! – aircraft grade steel, double rack is great…portable…

    Bicycle film festival is a big festival that takes place around the world, valet parking can be found by majority of the cities it visits.

    Airiness of design, is that important? Sleeker is better

    Handlebars fitting?...yes they do, not too far to reach either from behind, if you've done it before you would be able to do it without scratching bikes.

    Branding? Just zip tie a banner (think about placement)…or a slip cover, like by a couch. If you were doing the selling, you would be offering the printing as well.

    Seat height makes sense for both pole heights. Tallest seat height was to my hips, taller person will probably have higher seat, but they really vary on the user and the bike.

    Wrong Assumption: Change positioning, load from the back, easier to push handlebars forward

    About hitches…people don't like riding with them……try the Xtracycle as a way to go, it’s better for

    DIMENSIONS: Sidewalk width…less space on sidewalk, so only use one pole is my solution... flexibility;

    Parking spot dimensions, lots of lateral space

    Sometimes they make a pool area….in those cases density also makes a major difference

    How long can the longest piece be to strap down to this rack? "ive carried a bike, just bungee cord it down real tight and your good

    Customers: About peddles in spokes of other wheels and scratching bikes…? "some people are really touchy about that, there IS potential for bikes getting scratched, those people that are very touchy about their bikes are going to lock them up themselves" 6 bikes is not so crammed in, less of a problem, if attendant wasn't careful and he messes them up, hes just an idiot.

    Has it ever happened before? Oh yea, I’m sure it can happen if you and your friend lock a bike together on the street. Not a flaw in this design. it doesn't really have any problems.

    The Big Picture How do you think this would work? Would you or other bicycle advocates buy a couple of these? Or rent them out like Dero did by the inauguration day? “Try pitching it to Dero as a better rack then what they offer, or compete with them in their pricing, because Deros racks are expensive, that’s why we haven't done that.

    If full space is needed, like celebrate Brooklyn, they are going to store behind the stage [and leave it there for the summer and take it out when needed]. They need to setup in an hour! Renting a van for 50 buck to service 200 people makes sense.

    How many workers per space, 200 bicycles would need 4 people, and never less than two, to keep eyeballs on them even if there are only ten bikes.

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