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Samuel Vider

New York City, New York, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Observation I would like to Conduct



    So upon focusing on "Peddle Pushers" I would like to observe a few things.

    I would like to observe how people lock up their bikes. I see so many bike stands with various different locks used by bicyclists. Along with how bicyclists use scaffolding poles and anything they can think of that will allow them to securely lock their bikes up. While doing this, maybe I'll even see a theft in action.

    I might have a list of questions, or maybe a card that I can hand out that has a link to a survey on the web that I would create. This might include questions involving pros and cons of bicycling in this city, questions regarding safety, security and whatever else I can think of. Preferably I would get a little bit of help in creating the questions so they are NOT subjective or influencing specific answers that I want.

    Another thing that I would observe are who uses Bike Lanes? are they people on Rollerblades, Skateboards, Cabs pulling over to drop/pick up passengers etc...

    Also, I would like to see how many bicyclists break the laws by going through red lights, pulling across several lanes, riding on sidewalks etc...

    I believe this exercise can be done in many areas of the city.

  • "Not going anywhere for a while? Grab a Snickers!"

  • Oct_18_2007_158_177_

    Hey Sam:

    Thanks for the jpeg you sent me, that was facinating on your strategy of categorizing transportation users.

    The observation you are going to do seems very interesting to me and I am actually doing similar observation like yours.

    I want to do (and kind of started) research on who rides bicycles at what time and for what purposes. I documented most of my research till now on the seperated bike lane/ walk way beside West side highway. I also want to ask them what they like and dont like about bicycling in NYC.

    Regards to the lock, no lock is safe enough to keep theft away. I read on internet of someone told that he can cut the Kryptonite New York U-lock ($90 dollar value) in 45 second with Dewald 18V circular saw with a metal blade.

    Some thefts happened also because the owners were lazy and thought they would come back in a few minutes so they didnt lock their bike; bad move.. (happened to my friend)

    There is a website call my bike lanes (maybe you know it already) that collect pictures of wrongful doing of people using bike lanes all over NYC. The pictures here mostly documented on cars and trucks that were not suppose to have park or stop on these lanes.

    For bike users, many of them ride on the wrong direction to other traffic just because they want to take shortcut. I think this is pretty dangerous.

    Also, many pedestrians stood on bike lanes waiting to get across intersection (instead of waiting on sidewalk) or getting taxi.

    Finally, there was a design competition of next generation bike racks for NYC. Some of them are intriguingly designed.

  • Survey__customer_177_

    sam, I am trying to put together a short presentation on how to develop questionnaires and surveys for use in formative design research, that is, gathering data on potential users prior to design of a new product. The goal of formative research is to improve your product's relevance for the target audience. I am planning on doing a case study as in previous presentations, and I am hoping that you will allow me to use your interest in polling bike riders about their opinions as an example for the class. Please let me know if you would mind, and also let me know your current plan for developing a questionnaire or survey.
    thanks, steven

  • sure, i wouldnt mind at all if you used my thesis topic as an example.

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