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Samuel Vider

New York City, New York, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Where im at with my thinking


    So ive been really thinking. I want to work with bicyclists, rollerbladers, skateboarders (which i mentioned to Tom Ohare, in an email over the summer) Near my apt, by the GWB i always see all these young skateboarders in this little road reserved for Emergency vehicles. I like it. I like their little culture, though im slightly intimidated by em. they're only 10-18 years old if i had to guess their age.

    Bottom line is the most recent observations that ive been noticing were the amount of vandalized bikes on the road. Wheni researched a NFP that Steven recomended, called, they have a huge section just on bike vandalism, how they are never pursued because the cops dont care. the neistat borthers on youtube, show how easy it is to steal bikes in broad daylight. no one stops em. someone even offered to help!!! So thats one issue in transportation that i would like to check out. the other issue is on our pollution, or maybe how unnecesary our lifestyle of cars in a city is ridiculous. Im watchin another clip from the nesistat brothers, on how fats hes gettin through the holland tunnel. and he also has to dodge the cops by going behind a truck. they dont notice him. but then when he gets to the otherside and hes in the clear, he goes to a cop to ask "whens the last PATH train" back into NYC. meaning we have a problem of when PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION STOPS SERVICE for the NIGHT. and then after that when he gets into the PATH train, he has to wait during certain hours to be ALLOWED to take a bike over the bridge

    the biggest problem hes showing is that bikes arent allowed in the tunnels. GWB closes its path for pedestrians and bicycles at a certain time as well, like 9 or 10 pm.

    So to conclude i think the bike community would be a challenging yet exciting group of people to work with.

    I already started taking snapshots of bike stands in NYC, i asked a bicyclist where he thinks he can see improvements (lmost like i fed him to tell me something negative, which i know we discussed might be the wrong way to ask questions) and the only think he mentioned was better ways of getting cross town.

    I need help with writing to a NFP the first time. i will prepare a small but short e-mail to them to introduce myself but would like to have it looked over first.

  • I really hate how Bike-Less our culture is here in the States. I was so blown away when I visited Rome how many people ride bikes or scooters around. I know motorcycles and scooters still pollute, but it sure beats one person driving around an SUV through city streets. Our Bike lanes suck ass in NYC. The East River bike path was supposed to go from 125 all the way to Battery Park but now it only goes from 125 to 59th. I would totally ride a bike to school and work if I had a clear bike path from here (100th) to school.

    I am not sure how narrowed down you are yet in terms of culture, vandalism, or usage but I think it is a good area to address. Screw hybrids and all of this shit that just requires more materials more money and more time. Drive the ultimate hybrid, your lazy ass+ pedaling. We need a much more bike friendly culture and city! Give em hell Sam.

    Oh and if you are intimidated by the different sub cultures involved in these areas simply watch the following movies....heheh

    Rollerbladers: Airborne (1993)

    BMX'ers: Rad (1986)

    Skaters: Gleaming the Cube (1989)

    lol oh man all of these movies are so gold.

  • In response to Totally Dude, posted by gutterboy,
    in the thread Where im at with my thinking

    I know, there are so many issues for bicyclists, rights to the road, vandalism, etc... its such an area of opportunity if you ask me. Ive been doing a lot of research, and sooner than later NYC will have even more bike paths hopefully connecting you from 59th and below. I believe in this issue and through my love of transportation i can create something for everyone, thanks for the response, I'm gonna go netflix those videos now.

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