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Samuel Vider

New York City, New York, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Researched Bibliography for Transportation



    reference 1

    Aashtiani, Hedayat Z. Mohammadian, Abolfazl. and Samimi, Amir. A short-term management strategy for improving transit network efficiency.(Report).. American Journal of Applied Sciences 6.2 (Feb 2009): p241(6). (3668 words)

    rationale for reference 1

    The above refernce deals with mathematics and hypothetical systems for an improved transit system.

    reference 2

    Bulik, Beth Snyder. Will oil crisis force lasting behavior shift? When gas prices fall, some will stay frugal, but those who can spend will.(News). Advertising Age 79.20 (May 19, 2008): p12. (932 words)

    rationale for reference2

    This article talks about how wil we change? Wil we change because of this crisis we are goin through or will we go back to our behavior tendancies we were used to when we benefited off of lower fuel prices

    Reference 3

    Mau, Bruce. Massive Change : The Future of Global Design. New York: Phaidon P. rationale for reference 3

    This book is tremendous in going through various ways change has happened. One that deals with transportation is how Brazil sped up its bus lanes with bus stops that you pay at the bus stop, and when the bus arrives you enter the bus, instead of how in NYC we pay as we enter the bus. There are statistics, interviews, and various ways to open up the mind to make changes on environmental issues

    reference 4

    Schwartz, Nelson D. "Asleep At the Spigot." The New York Times 6 July 2008.

    rational for reference 4

    This article deals with how America 30 years ago shouldve went down a different direction than the one we went in with being gas guzzlers. One thing mentioned was that “70% of the 21 million barrels of oil America consumes in a day is for transportation and the bulk of that burned by individual drivers”

    reference 5

    Welch, David. GM Charges Up the Electric Chevy Volt; GM introduces the Chevy Volt, a sleek electric car capable of 40 mpg on a single charge.(AUTOS).Business Week Online (Sept 18, 2008)(1021 words)

    rationale for reference 5

    This article talks about the electric car Chevrolet is planning on launching, the company is largely depending on this as one of their breakthroughs into a market for less fuel consumption vehicles. And although this car will only travel 40 miles on a charge, they say 40 miles is that average use a person does in a daily commute. After that the gas engine will kick in.

    reference 6

    Young, Elise. NJ Transit agrees to buy more bi-level train cars.(NEWS). The Record (Bergen County, NJ) (August 14, 2008): pA04. (388 words)

    rationale for reference 6

    This article talks about how the NJ Transit is planning on buying more Bi level trains cars for better quality of ride for customers with more space and a better commute, something that will help us fight against commuters who generally use cars

  • Bikemap_177_

    sam, this is a great list of sources, because it shows that you are looking for a variety of places for data. I don't really know by this what the product you have in mind is, or who your NFP is, but the way you begin to frame the problem by looking at car design, public transportation, trends and predictions, and technology is interesting. I'm really intrigued by the Brazil example that Bruce Mau mentions; the buses in NYC are incredibly slow, partly because of the time it takes people to get on and off. If you have not found an NFP and you want to find a place that deals with policy about making public transportation better, check out Transportation Alternatives.

    To see the entire nyc bicycle map, click here. It is amazing. steven

  • car

    Those electric cars are so quite.

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