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Samuel Vider

New York City, New York, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • First Draft


    This one is a bit cleare than what i posted. i hope the link works.

    better image

  • Final_board_draft_1_177_

    Here is my second Draft of my presentation board

    Larger Image

  • Final_board_1_177_

    This is my first draft, i was a bit unsure of what is the most important parts to show.

    First Draft board

  • Rack It in a Bag



    The Bag will look somewhat like this. final design of the bag will be finished by the end of week when my final rack design is sent in for fabrication. I will then outsource this bag for fabrication.

    Brown represents walls with in the bag.

    bag design

  • Logo and Branding



    The picture is in reference to the signage that will be ziptied to my rack. It is important to be able to have organization for where peoples bicycles will be placed when valet attendant takes the bicycle from a customer.

    This is how i see it being applied. One: there will be space for Commerce Bank...which is no longer in existence but an example.

    Followed by my logo to the bottom left and then the bicycle advocacy which hires the attendants to valet park bicycles.

    The large letter on the left will be the aisle of where the bicycle is placed

  • BIO



    Samuel Vider

    Bio From as early as he can remember, the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge would amaze him. Every time he traveled to Brooklyn with his family, the two tall towers suspending NYC’s longest bridge was unreal and intriguing to him. Art and design run in the family, Sam would take up doodling all day long. First it was action figures, then comics, then sneakers and then cars. When Target became a popular store looking at all the interesting products they would offer, normally better designed than say Wal-Mart, the idea of products became more inevitable as a direction I would want to head in. He attended parsons after a few years off from high school knowing product was the true passion for his future

    Project Title Rack It Valet “For a bicyclist’s peace of mind”

    Project Description Rack It Valet is a bicycle rack for temporary event parking in and around major cities. The need for bicycle valet service, similar to a coat check, is growing within bicycle communities around the world. With the bicyclists knowledge that they can ride to one of many events and park their bike with a valet bicycle service attendant gives a sense of security to the cyclist to enjoy his/her time at the event knowing their bicycle will be there when they are finished. At the same time it will relieve sidewalk congestion of 100’s of bicycles that show up in a neighborhood, i.e. DUMBO for the Brooklyn Flea, that get locked to anything and everything imaginable. Rack It Valet provides more ...

  • Midterm Review Summary



    When Describing my project- Stress that Valet Bicycle Service has been around… Show differences of what’s out there! My improvements: capacity, increase modules, my studies show that two rails work better for capacity.

    Material – Critic 1) Alluminum is a soft material so if it gets scratched it may not look so good, part of assurance of security is the visual of it. So product needs to look visually appeasing

    Critic 2) Alluminum… recyclable, lightweight…Steel can be galvanized, cheaper but its heavier. Or is their a way to combine these. Why can aluminum be on the concrete, its not gonna look pretty in the long run, its gonna get scratched, so don’t do colors.

    It should be all tubing, much stronger.

    Service system design -

    Has to be able to be setup quickly.

    Design –

    Would have been useful to show that I ruled out different investigative ways of hanging bikes/parking bikes…by the weels or the frame etc…and why I just jumped to hanging the bikes on the saddle.

    Should be more compact.

    Gaskets would be needed for any telescoping parts that are locked by tension

    Mobile platforms can have no spare parts, fold up and expand with no tools. Fold it up and move it.

    Flat surface is ideal, but what happens when its not on a flat ground? Adjustable legs? Leveler built in?

    In cases where attendants use cables to lock all bikes together for more control the cable should be included in package

    Too many barriers (the legs have two, maybe it should be one c...

  • Presentation Boards



    Sam Vider: my mission is to assist the bicycle community by designing a portable bicycle rack system for a growing need for valet bicycle parking in and around major cities.

    Larger Image

    again, all the colors get messed up when i upload to im sorry for the inconvenience of that.

  • 15valet-bike

    Updated, 5:20 p.m. | The city is doing an all-out bicycling push over the next few years, creating 200 miles of new bike lanes and paths and exploring the concept of bike sharing. But a city study found that one of the biggest obstacles to increased bicycle commuting is not safety, but rather the lack of secure bike parking at work — particularly in areas like Midtown Manhattan. Having a safe place to store a bike at work is an urban amenity that ranks somewhere with having unfettered roof access or a key to a community garden.

    A possible solution? Bike valet parking.

    Yes, that’s right, valet service for bicycles.

    O.K., valet parking for cars has never caught on here the way it has in Los Angeles, where the service is provided at airports, supermarkets, gyms and even Starbucks. But bike valet service is perfect for New York. It fits in a dense urban environment. And it can be set up by single entrepreneurs akin to vendors.

    Bike valet parking has been around in the city for at least a decade, but mostly as an occasional volunteer service provided at public events like film screenings, “Summers Streets” events and the recent Lower East Side pickle festival by Transportation Alternatives, the pro-bike lobby.

    But it’s gone upscale. Even a recent Fashion Week event at Bergdorf Goodman offered bike valet parking. It’s something that is also offered across the country, in cities like San Francisco and Chicago.

    “People worry about locking up the bike,” said Hillary...

  • Poster Board



    larger image

    I dont understand why the color is off when i upload it

bloggin it up

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