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Samuel Vider

New York City, New York, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

"Design is everything, everything." This statement by Paul Rand sums up the way I relate to design and how it relates to my life. When I drive in my car over beautiful bridges and engineered systems to the beautiful buildings and houses I pass, with their furniture and landscapes to all the possessions we own. It's all designed by someone for someone.

In the forefront of my love for art and design I dream of cars, sculpturally they are beautiful to me, the way a Ferrari looks like 200 mph at a standstill, or a Lamborghini intimidating you to get out the way from behind. It represents a class on its own, as do so many of the artifacts around.

While attending community college part time I was designing kitchen layouts at Cabinetics in my hometown. Being 22 and living by my mom, she kindly said its time to move on and out of the house. Within two months I had an apt in NYC and I was a freshman in Parsons School of Design, this would definitely have not happened without my mom pushing me to get an education.

Naturaly industrial design was my first and only pick in my school. With more of a passion for furniture design than mass market, I focused more heavily on the furniture side of product design.

During my time in school I worked as an assistant to the woodshop manager of Pier Head Associates, where I helped organize files and other various little things around the shop occasionally helping with fabricating or staining some of their projects. Although I didn't get to really build things but I saw a bit of insight to the way a woodshop runs, with cut lists, workers, coffee breaks, machinery, etc…

Over the past summer I interned for the Parsons Design Workshop, a design build program run with students from parsons. I gained hands on experience in building for real life structures. It opened my eyes to think of architecture as just big furniture. Instead of 4 legs its 60… or more.

What I don't like in this world is throwing things out. I still use my ipod mini from 2005. I hate how "green" is now a selling point. Like the eco friendly Poland spring bottle, is this really the solution? Does Associated supermarkets have to double bag everything I buy? So while I don't like throwing things out I would like to be able to produce work which isn't more "crap" for this world.

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