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    In response to Thesis Topic, posted by SuMin Nam,
    in the thread Thesis Topic

    Hi Sumin, I was looking through your blog posts. I see you want to go into either Autism or Dementia. I think the Dementia direction has some very interesting areas to explore. In addition Autism have some overlap. Both have an area of treatment where it is focusing the mind or keeping the mind active. Most basic recommendations for helping prevent or stave off dementia is by keeping the mind active. In what could be a nice twist of irony, something like video games that old people typically hate could maybe help them "exercise their mind". Although video games don't exercise the body (DDR and Wii Fit aside) they are certainly are a workout for the mind. Numerous studies have show that video games significantly increase hand eye cordination, reaction time, and problem solving. Furthermore, I know I have seen some articles of retirement homes using the Wii for entertainment for seniors. Anyway those are just some thoughts I had when reading your posts.

    Nasal spray could cure Alzheimer -

    Video game benefits -

    Old people Wii'ing something other than their Depends -,0,2755896.story

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