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  • Suicide Epidemic


    In response to My Design Criteria , posted by Emily Kim,
    in the thread My Design Criteria

    Hi Emily, I was reading this article ( ) the other day and I think it has a good parallel to one of your areas of interest. I know your initial interest was in police suicide but right now there is an epidemic of veteran suicides who have served in the Iraq war. I think this goes to show and emphasize that the human cost of this war is far greater than we are lead to believe. I think our surge and continual occupation is resulting in a tremendous loss of Iraq lives and the burden is then carried home with the soldiers resulting in another loss of life. If you choose to pursue the area of veteran suicide I highly recommend watching the six part HBO mini series, Generation Kill. Having served in the military for four years I can attest to the general mentality of soldiers outside of combat so I can only imagine how much more disturbing they become when actually in a war. In addition I still talk to some friends who chose to continue with military service and have served in Iraq and all of them have nothing but horror stories.

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