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New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Spam! er I mean Maps!

    Communication, Industrial Design


    I chose the Zippo lighter, Maemo open source operating system, Rock Band, OLPC, and Witricity as my five products to map.

    There were obvious overlaps between products such as wireless electricity and the OLPC since one would heavily benefit from the other. However, unexpected similarities were realized whilst mapping such as the Zippo lighter and the OLPC. Now I know the OLPC has a huge implication in terms of childhood education, and that the Zippo probably just leads to smoking or arson, but the idea of this elegance through simplicity can't be ignored. The Zippo is so successful and omnipresent because it is a fool proof design that has the ability to sustain itself through cheap replaceable parts. You invest in the Zippo at a higher price point than a disposable lighter (about three to four times the price) but the simple modular design allows for cheap upkeep. A single bottle of lighter fluid can last for years, as well as wicks and flints. The OLPC has modular keyboards and other hardware and it is this coupled with its simplicity that will help its success.

    Maemo is a great proof of concept when it comes to open source. It is a completely open sourced developed platform that is 100% user created and developed. The strength of open source development has worked so well that it is featured on several Nokia devices. The idea of people having a say in a company without using their wallet is fantastic.

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