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  • Market Competition

    Communication, Industrial Design


    The market is currently flooded with small consumer oriented wireless routers. Everything from robust small business wifi routers to tiny ultra portable "travel" routers. On the more coporate/global side there are sophisticated pieces of wireless hardware that are capable of mass scalability and bandwidth throughput. However, despite the vast range of wifi routers, none are designed to be self contained, self powered, durable wifi routers. Some have components such as the ability to establish a mesh network, while others may be light and portable. My product will be a highly specialized piece of equipment that will meet the demands and survive the conditions of natural disaster response and relief.

  • Mid Semester Summary

    Communication, Industrial Design

    The mid semester review was a flood of feedback, both positive and negative, that has taken several days to fully digest. I feel that I received a variety of different critics. It was apparent that some of the critics were more technically minded and came to discuss my project from a technical view. This was where I received the most positive feedback. I really focused on establishing the technical plausibility of my thesis early on since the entire concept would be worthless if it couldn’t provide the basic networking functions. The overall concept of an onsite mobile wireless product was almost unanimously positively received. It was this solid technical footing that actually led to the more rich area of discussing form and usability. I am glad that most conversations ended up in this area of discussion. I feel confident about the majority of technical details, so I was really looking forward to feedback regarding form and functionality. It was nice to have people who had no concern with the technological side talk about the needs of my product outside of the wireless network. How will my product impede aid workers? (weight, bulk, etc) Is my backpack only a wireless pack or does it have additional functionality. Does it communicate anything other than data? It was these questions that I valued the most and have ruminated on for days. One other final theme of criticism was the context of my product. This has been something Len has been helping me to better portr...

  • Boards

    Communication, Industrial Design


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  • Board: Draft 1

    Communication, Industrial Design


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  • Prodcut Precedent

    Communication, Industrial Design

    Category - Communication and/or Logistics Tracking Devices/Thechnologies

    -Wireless Router -Push To Talk Cellphone -Walkie Talkies -Short Wave Radio -PDA/Smart Phone -GPS Tracking -Internet based clipboard (UPS,FedEx) -AM/FM Radio -Satellite Radio -Satellite Inernet -Mesh Networking -One Laptop Per Child -Tablet PC's -Bluetooth Headsets -Loud Speaker -Line of Sight Laser Data Transmission -Satellite Phones -Centralized Servers

    Materials Involved - In regards to the enclosure or casing involved in the portable items, they are typically made up durable plastics such as ABS, PP, HDPE, Polycarbonate. The light weight and strength of these plastics make it an ideal housing for portable electronic devices. Possible alternatives, carbon fiber, due to its incredible strength and ability to better transmit wireless signals through its structure, however, huge cost increase.

  • Lesson Plan

    Communication, Industrial Design

    Title: Disaster Response Logistics and Communication

    Subject Area:Product Design

    Lesson Time: 2 hours

    Introduction: Participants will visually map and explorer the steps and phases of a natural disaster aid response. Not only should the participants map existing procedures and disaster response histories but anticipate and imagine the aspects of possible future natural disasters.

    Objective: -Participants should all openly participate in the Charrette and write/draw without censorship.

    • Early design sketches dbsed on the information gathered during the first part of the Charrette. -To generate a wealth of data directly from a NFP that is involved with disaster response -To further establish a working bond between myself and my NFP

    Materials: Roll of paper, markers

  • Revised Design Brief

    Communication, Industrial Design

    Not only are natural disasters devastating they are also unpredictable. However, the coordinated response and rescue efforts shouldn’t be. It is my ambition to develop and design a product that will help facilitate aid workers during the critical first response phase as well as the following the proceeding weeks. Studies conducted by people such as Lynn Fritz and Tim Russell have shown the tremendous coordination and logistical challenges faced by aid workers of such organizations as Red Cross. By enhancing communications amongst aid workers and other organizations responding to natural disasters I aim to increase the effectiveness of the response that will in turn benefit all who are effected by profound disasters. My product will be used by the aid workers themselves, not by those affected by a disaster. The product must be light, portable and durable and comprised of a material that not only has these traits but is also affordable such as high density plastics. By enhancing the communication between workers on the ground the aid response should become better coordinated, effective and precise therefore bettering the lives of the disaster victims.

  • Assignments for 10/27

    Communication, Industrial Design

    Survey I sent my survey out to 35 people. 17 people responded in full to each of the six questions. All of the questions were multiple choice. They focused on persons response to natural disasters and they way in which they perceive the effectiveness of aid response, specifically monetary donations. The majority of the people responded moderate to high in regards to emotional impact, however, the majority of people simply watch the news closely and take no further action. Moreover, most respondents chose $1,000,000+ donation as the level needed to have any effect on natural disaster victims. The conclusion from my survey data would be that people are indeed emotionally invested in the events of a natural disaster but they see themselves as being helpless since they cannot donate a substantial "effective" amount of money.

    By the Numbers "For a disaster to be entered into the database at least one of the following criteria must be fulfilled:"

    * 10 or more people reported killed
    * 100 people reported affected
    * Declaration of a state of emergency
    * Call for international assistance


    "'The biggest lesson to be learned…is that one centralized group needs to coordinate the logistics of the entire [relief] effort,' said Russell. After the tsunami hit, hundreds of aid organizations, thousands of volunteers, tons of supplies and billions of dollars flooded the region. Every organization agreed that the financial resources needed to conduct the ...

  • This weeks assignments

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    Mission Statement: I want to help facilitate disaster relief aid workers anywhere in the world to better respond and help those effected through the means of enhanced communication with each other and the people in need.

    Relations Diagram The greatest area within the relations I see my self intervening is the convergence of foreign intervention, aid workers, and people effected by the disaster.

    Existing Products As you can see this site specializes in selling "Disaster Relief" products. All of these existing products seem so stale and basic. None of these products enhance the efforts of the relief worker. A box of food is simply a box of food.

  • 24 Hour News Channel Blues

    Communication, Industrial Design

    While researching the breakdown in communications in the wake of disaster it dawned on me about how god damn worthless our 24 hour news channels are. They will put the time in effort into regurgitating the same sensational BS over and over airwaves to point out how horrible the disaster is but they won't do shit. They will send reporters on scene if only to out do the other networks coverage.

    The question I ask is that if these mega network corporations have this global infrastructure of satellite, radio, TV phone etc, why the hell when a disaster hits, the best they can do is cover it. No one is better set up of facilitating a breakdown in communication than these mega networks. If you can send a buxom blond to report a flood with streaming live video, why can't they step in a help the Red Cross efforts communicate and coordinate between towns?

    I was trying to think of these systems I could implement that would help this situation and the answer dawned on me. The system is already there! Its just these assholes rather talk about death tolls and ratings grabbing survival stories than actually do what they are built for, COMMUNICATION!

    I remember our high school yearbook had a category, "person who talks the most and says the least" as in despite running their mouth they never actually said anything of substance. This is how I feel about our news networks. It is a high bandwidth stream of shit that can be accessed 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I am...

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