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Manhattan, New York, United States

Design Student

Member since September 08, 2008

  • revised Design Brief

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    Mission Statement: My mission is to create an up-cycled furniture design out of wood scraps to promote and announce how important trees are to the world as well as reducing deforestation.

    Research: In my research, I found out more and more solid answers about why trees are important. People love customized products. Furthermore, I have been looking what existing designs, designers and organizations that correspond to my thesis project. I’m preparing a new questionnaire that is going to spray out to specific people related to my thesis project.

    NFPs: Rainforest Relief and Trees for Tomorrow would be the NFPs for my thesis project. By preparing questionnaires and talk to them will help me understand the newest information about forest situation. I would be able to analysis what projects and case studies they have been doing to help trees.

    Target Audient: For my target audient, I’m forcing on middle class families which have children around grade 5 because my thesis project is to create an innovative up-cycled furniture design taking place as Lego bricks. It is valuable from the material souse to the making process. In my design, I want to create a connection and situation that help the user and my furniture design to have more precious value.

    Target Market: U.S. Census Bureau estimates that there are 35, 97,547 people who have children under 6 to 17 years old in NYC. Mass-market will be my target market because it is the biggest market in any case according to any statistic analysis. Mass-market is the biggest middle class in terms of income and population.

    U.S Census Bureau

    Age Group: My age group will be a family has children around grade 5. If the father builds a piece of furniture with his child out of my thesis design, this furniture will have so much value and precious memory between the child and the father. It would be possibly kept for a long time: It would also be a heirloom for the child.

    Location: New York City will be my target location because my thesis project is all about green and eco-friendly. The material souse has to be local in terms of energy saving.

    Cost & Marketing Techniques: The cost of production will be cheap because it doesn’t require any special technology. Therefore, in retail stores, my thesis design will not be too expensive for middle class families. Branding will be a very important part for my thesis design. My thesis design has to be recognized as a high quality image. I have to come out some strategies to keep my design live as long as possible. For example, I have to keep updating new designs in order to keep my moving forward. A good example is Lego. They keep adding new small and easy technologies into their Lego system and coming out new Lego designs to attract their audients.

    Prototype Test: Prototype testing will be a huge part of my thesis design because my design is all based on the structure I am designing.

    Materials: Wood scraps will be my mainly material. I can have further material testing such as esthetic lumbers or some eco-friendly materials.

    Packaging & Distribution Method: Packaging will be necessary step to accomplish my eco-friendly goal for the eco-system. I would like to design a packaging that directly delivers my eco-friendly concept to consumers. This product should be sold in high-end furniture stores.

    Not Easy to Be a Big Tree!

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