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Manhattan, New York, United States

Design Student

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    Well-being, Industrial Design


    This man spent a lot of time collecting chopsticks form the restaurant in the Koriyama City Hall. As a result, the put 7,382 chopsticks together and build a boat that is not only made from recycled materials, but is an eco friendly as well. In this example, people can see that many pieces of scraps can transform into a fascinating and useful object. If we put this idea into a bigger context, recycling will be a big deal for people only in the developed countries but also undeveloped countries. Imaging a bigger boat is built from scraps of wood; how much trees we can save every year. If this idea use to boat manufactures, furniture manufactures and any kind of woodworking related manufactures, there should be a big impact to them. This example shows how important recycling is and how useful it can be.

    I would like to collaborate with recycling organizations especially in waste wood.

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