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Manhattan, New York, United States

Design Student

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Eco-System Relief

    Environment, Environmental Design


    The other issue I’m interested for my senior thesis is illegal logging in forest. There are many kinds of woods are decreasing due to people’s over illegal logging. Part of the reason people keep logging illegally is because of people’s needs for wooden products. This illegal behavior does damage the eco-system very badly. According to Rain Forest Relief, “there are 60% or more of each tree just dumped on the yard after felled, and because of that over 20 million species are decreasing” Many of those woods, which are dumped on the yards or into the rivers, are not because they are useless. The reason is just because there is no certain authority to stop them, and they have been logged illegally. If manufacture can handle wooden products more efficiently which satisfied customers’ needs, those illegal factories will have no place to sell those illegal woods. Another solution is to popularize artificial woods instead of real hard wood by using artificial woods to come out new attractive products.

    Non-Profit Organization: Rain Forest Relief

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