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Manhattan, New York, United States

Design Student

Member since September 08, 2008

My friends call me Lawrence: my real Taiwanese name is Yicheng Yen. I came from Fine Art study background. I was major in Fine Art for 3 years during vocational high school back in Taiwan. I knew I would like to study design; however, I chose Fine Art first because I wanted to learn some basic hand skills such as drawing, painting, illustrating and history studying. I chose to study art then design when I was in high school because I think in design field, have a sense of art is very important; design and art are in the same category. By studying design, I can absorb many variety of knowledge all the time from realistic to abstract and functional to metaphorical, which are all I am looking for. I wanted to prepare my self for design. Design is one of the crucial careers on the world. It has a very heavy duty to people and the environment. Personally, I feel really bad for many of traditional craftsmanship are fading away because of the technology these days. I realize I am very good at mental prototyping; in other words, I can run though the whole process in my head before I start doing one project. However I am not really good at researching, finding sources and something I am not very familiar with. I highly trust my hand skill. I can build beautiful models. I also believe I have very good observing skill. I can always connect one thing to another. ┬ČAlthough it is a long run for me, it is worthwhile.

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