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Jesse Resnick

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Autism Blogger



    I joined the blog, "Autism Blogger," a few days ago. I found that there are several parents and a few professionals on the site, and I thought it would be useful to post my project description to see if anyone was interested. So far, about 70 people have read my post and I have gotten one comment. I am hoping that over time more people will read and comment on my posting. I have also found a few people on the blog that I am particularly interested in speaking to, and sent them a message asking them to take a quick look at my page.

    If you would like to take a look at my page on the site, click here.

  • Jesse, I think it is really great that you have reached out to the online community of families supporting children with autism. Perhaps you should be more extroverted in your solicitation of feedback and participation -- say "SEEKING PARTICIPANTS" or "FEEDBACK WELCOME" - make sure your post is asking for what you want. I think the title of your post doesn't necessarily communicate your objectives. Titling the post in an effort to encourage participation by your product's stakeholders may help.

    I would love to hear a further update on your testing.

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