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Jesse Resnick

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Observations



    After carefully observing the 13th Street entrance of our building, I definitely noticed a few things that I hadn’t noticed before. My main observation about the physical space was the conversation nooks created by the new windows. I had noticed them before, and sat in them to talk myself, but never really took note of the sense of private space that they can create. It was clear in certain groupings of people that they were not meant to be disturbed – they sat against the glass, the window frame casting an invisible border around them. In terms of social space/interactions, I was most interested in the construction workers across the street. They stood together talking for the first five minutes, but as time went on they stopped talking. It was really interesting to see that they could be together without interacting; almost what it feels like to be in a movie theatre with friends.

    I didn’t identify any real problems with the physical/social space. There is somewhat of a lack of seating, but people can always sit on the windows or the large chairs in the lobby. If I were to change the space around, I would focus a little more on seating potential. I like that the space is very open, and I wouldn’t want the seating to detract from that, but I think it could be introduced while retaining the integrity of the building’s design. Perhaps a large seating installation could be created in the main entrance. It could be integrated into the minimalist design of the building (maybe in concrete or white) and provide more social space for the students.

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