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Jesse Resnick

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Design Criteria



    Function My goal is for the product to help educate autistic children. I want to try to understand how an autistic child’s brain is different from a typical child’s, and cater to that. The product will be designed to work off of natural strengths and learning abilities/methods. I also want people to understand the product intuitively, so there does not need to be a long explanation of how it functions.

    Form The form will be dictated by the function of the product. Formal choices will also be made to engage children. It is important that people see the product and want to engage with it. The form should draw the user in and make them want to investigate the product further.

    Materials I want my product to be made in an environmentally friendly way – not to be another injection moulded plastic product on the market. For me, material innovation does not only come through the material chosen, but also the way the material is used. I think cutting back on the amount of material needed to produce a product is equally important if not more important than the physical material used.

    Cost Ideally, my product will be affordable to a wide range of income levels - I want the product to be used. If the price is set too high, it is less likely that the product will reach a large audience.

    Technology At this point, I think that I want to keep my product relatively low-tech. I think there are more and more products for kids these days that take advantage of technology, but I think there is something to a tactile product that does not rely on technology. As an aside, I am definitely not opposed to exploring technological design solutions so long as there is a good reason for its use.

    Packaging I would like to design my product with as little packaging as possible. No packaging at all would be ideal, as long as it makes sense for the product. If the product is large and 3-dimensional, I am definitely going to explore solutions to reduce overall size (ex. Flat-pack).

  • Inflatable_cactus_177_'s an inflatable cactus that autistic children use to hone their spatial skills by performing ring toss exercises. Too late, someone beat you to it. steven

  • Haha, if only I thought of it a few years earlier!

  • Hey Jesse, one of my best friends has worked with autistic children for the last four years. He initially did house to house treatment and now he works at a local school with autistic children. I often ask him about his job and there are so many nuances and facets to autistic children. The methods used for development and education are very interesting. He is our age and easy to talk to, maybe I can get him in contact with you about this. I know you have NFP's to talk to but perhaps a more casual conversation would be easier to pick someones brain about autistic children. Let me know and I can give you his email address.

  • In response to Autisim, posted by gutterboy,
    in the thread Design Criteria

    Thanks for the input Anthony. I definitely think that it would be helpful to speak with someone outside of a non-profit that works with autistic children directly. It would be great to see the insight that he has on my project direction thus far, and any suggestions/advice he might have. I'll speak to you about getting in contact with him tomorrow in class. Thanks again!

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