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Janet Solis

New York, New York, United States

Product Design

Member since September 08, 2008


    Well-being, Industrial Design


    In my mid-year review presentation, people were interested about the idea of the combination of traditional craft + the desire of the contemporary consumer, but they were not sure about the Ecuadorian market. They said that they don’t know if Ecuadorian people will be interested on buying this kind of products. They told me that I have to study more the marketing aspect and that I have to think about de development of the products. One of the opinions that I took as helpful was a critique about the aspect market in Ecuador. She told me about the idea to start this market idea in USA and then bring it to Ecuador. She told that American people will value handmade work more than Ecuadorian people and if this product starts selling and gets known in New York or any other state; Ecuadorian people will start buying their own national products. Another opinion that I took as supportive was the idea to tell a history about Salasaca waived or painted on the products. This idea I will considerate it on my thesis project because this could be an attraction not just for Ecuadorian people but for tourists. Another idea they gave me was to put modern history on the products making this more attractive to contemporary costumers. Basically this idea will be wonderful after getting them to know the traditional history about our ancestors. My next step is research more about market aspects and the different ways to make this product better and efficient. Also go to Ecuador and maintain the communication between the artisans. Another step I got to do is to explore and research if my idea will work on the urban side of Ecuador.

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