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Janet Solis

New York, New York, United States

Product Design

Member since September 08, 2008

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    The PRISTINE® Pioneer Emergency Water Filter System

    This is a personal emergency kit for people that travel long distances to places that would not have the basic needs of purified water so this helps you to get purified water anywhere you go. It is less than 5" long, and easily slips into a day pack, shirt pocket, or travel luggage and is ready when you need it. The color of the filter of this color is blue and the color of the straw is transparent. The cover of the filter is made of plastic and also the straw. The cost of this product is around $20

    Smart Fortwo

    The Smart Fortwo is one of the smallest cars right now in the market. Its size makes it really easy for people when finding a parking space. This car was specially design for cities like Manhattan where traffic is a little bit to busy and also to find a free space in the streets makes it really difficult. This car is only supports two passengers because of its size. Fortwo has a 1.0-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine. Saddled with 71 horsepower, this powertrain will be able to motivate the 1,804-pound Smart from zero to 60 mph in 14.1 seconds. The Smart Fortwo camein different colors depended in what color the client what it. The price of one of this cars is $11,590

    BRITA Atlantis Memo Filter Jug

    This product was designed to used at home. Faster way to purify water and help to diminishing organic compounds inside the water. Its size makes it really useable for a family because it has a capacity of 3.3 liters. Is the best way to get water at the best quality by using filters made of carbon.The material of this product is basically made of transparent and white plastic with a white color filter. Its cost is around $70 depending of the size of the jug or the type of filter. The Osprey Astro Daypack The Osprey Astro Daypack is a comfortable bag made of 70% recycles water bottles and resin. Incorporating a 100% recycled PET main body fabric, 100% recycled removable web waist strap, and 100% recycled reground buckles. The size of the bag is 1100 cubic inch backpack and is loaded with utility features. Organization features different divisions for different uses, a zipper top laptop access, front archway pocket with internal organizer, slash front pocket, internal front panel mesh pocket, and padded cell phone pouch. The price is $98.95.

    Solar Panel

    The solar panel is one of the best ways to produce energy environmentally without the use of the common electricity. In simple words it would get the energy from the sun which then generates large amounts of electricity. Usually the color is black with metal and copper and price for one piece of 62x32.5x1.8 is $905.


    My tesis idea is to design a manual method to purify water from a place (New Delhi) that have existing water crisis using one of their resourse that is the Yamuna River. My ideal was always design something to help poor people and try to make their lifes a little bit happiness. Here are my 5 objects that I admire, Some of them have connection with my tesis, like the brita jum and the Pristine the emergency water filter sistem because both of them work with a method that purify water. The solar panel I thing is really interesting and in some way I can use it in my tesis but is really expensive. The bag I really like because is an eco-friendly design with a material made of recyclable water bottle. Also I think this product could be part of my inspirations for my tesis because I could figured how to make my project with eco-friendly material. The Smart fortwo doestn’t have any connection with my project but is a fantastion idea to help in a existing problem not just in Manhattan but in different places that exist a big car depended.

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